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eye mini review

Golf enthusiasts, today we’re putting the spotlight on the latest entrant in the golf launch monitor market: The Uneekor Eye Mini. Since its preview in 2022, this product has created considerable buzz in the golfing community.

Let’s dive into the details to see if it truly stands up to the competition, specifically against the renowned Bushnell Launch Pro.

Products Information

The Uneekor Eye Mini is the latest offering from Uneekor, a brand reputable for delivering high-quality golf simulation products since 2015. This portable launch monitor aims to provide a comprehensive golfing experience, offering all ball and club metrics along with robust software support, packaged into a single product.

Unboxing the Mini

In the package, you find the Uneekor Mini encased in a protective suitcase-like bag, an Ethernet cable, a power cord, club stickers, and a pair of tweezers. While the Mini is larger than expected, this isn’t a significant concern for home use.

Features and Display

The Mini comes equipped with an e-ink display, presenting information clearly and crisply. Despite the lack of a touchscreen, navigating the device via physical buttons is straightforward.

Club Optics and Metrics

Two cameras track ball and club metrics, offering real-time video of the club through impact. No other launch monitor in this price range offers the Club Optics feature, setting the Mini apart from the competition.

Testing Accuracy

The Mini proves highly accurate in its readings, nearly matching the performance of the Bushnell Launch Pro in head-to-head tests.

Software and Subscriptions

The Mini offers multiple subscription options to access additional features, including third-party simulator support and Uneekor’s own simulation software, Refine.

Simulator Experience and Third-Party Support

Uneekoor’s software provides a satisfying driving range experience and fun virtual rounds on different courses, enhancing the golf simulation experience.

Why People Prefer This Product

The Mini’s unique Club Optics feature and improved display are significant selling points. Its official third-party simulator support also adds value.


The Uneekor Eye Mini’s standout features include Club Optics, an excellent e-ink display, real-time club and ball metrics, and extensive software support.

Additional Features:

The Mini allows for over-the-air updates and features like target alignment and auto elevation, customizable to user preferences.

Warranty & Service

Information on warranty and service options for the Mini can be found on the Uneekor’s official website.

Other Users Opinion

User feedback reveals appreciation for the Mini’s unique features, but pricing is considered a point of contention.

Final Verdict

The Uneekor Eye Mini offers impressive features and robust capabilities, but its pricing presents a significant challenge. Should Uneekor reassess the pricing, the Mini holds potential to rival and even surpass the Launch Pro.

Pros: Unique Club Optics feature, excellent display, extensive software support.

Cons: Higher price point, larger than expected size.


If you value unique features and advanced technology in your golfing experience, the Uneekor Eye Mini is a great choice. However, consider your budget and stay tuned for potential pricing changes.

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Is the Uneekor Eye Mini portable?

Yes, it is portable, but it’s larger than comparable models.

What sets the Mini apart from other launch monitors?

The Mini’s unique Club Optics feature is a standout, not offered by any other monitor in this price range.

Does the Mini offer third-party simulator support?

Yes, it provides official third-party simulator support with a Pro Package subscription.

How does the Mini’s accuracy compare to the Bushnell Launch Pro?

In head-to-head tests, the Mini nearly matches the accuracy of the Launch Pro.

Is the pricing for the Mini expected to change?

Uneekor seems to be reassessing their subscription models and pricing, so changes could occur in the future.


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