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In this SkyTrak vs Mevo Plus comparison, our main goal is to put these two titans head to head, comparing their accuracy, data measurement capabilities, and suitability for different applications. We’ll attempt to answer the same questions you might have been conjuring as you stare longingly at the screen of your chosen device.

Both SkyTrak and Mevo Plus are leading names in the world of golf launch monitors, featuring technological advancements that would make any iOS or PC enthusiast swoon.

They serve a special niche, catering to golf enthusiasts who desire high-quality data analysis and simulation features without breaking the bank. One of the great things about them is that they pack in enough features to rival any device you’d find occupying an engineer’s garage.

They bridge the gap between pocket-sized monitors under $1000 and professional-grade units like the FlightScope X3 and GCQuad, offering a lot without demanding all of the financial commitments of the latter.

We aim to provide you with comprehensive insights that will help you choose the right launch monitor for your needs. A screen full of confusing data is one thing; knowing how to use that information is another thing entirely.

Whether you’re a professional golfer, a coach, or simply a passionate golf enthusiast, understanding the subtle differences between SkyTrak and Mevo Plus can make a significant difference to your game improvement journey.

So, let’s dive into this exciting SkyTrak vs Mevo Plus comparison which promises a lot of insights!

SkyTrak vs Mevo Plus Background and Overview

When it comes to golf launch monitors, both SkyTrak and Mevo Plus have earned their place in the spotlight. Each brings something different to the table, a unique feature that sets it apart in the crowded market.

These devices, launched by industry giants Rapsodo and FlightScope respectively, have been designed to bridge the gap between entry-level, pocket-sized monitors and high-end professional units. From the garage to the basement golf simulator, these devices can meet and exceed expectations.

SkyTrak vs Mevo Plus Launch Monitor

  • SkyTrak: Released in 2014 by Rapsodo, SkyTrak has won the hearts of many golfers and instructors alike, owing to its innovative technology and user-friendly features. This photometric launch monitor provides a comprehensive analysis of your shots, thereby improving your game strategy.
  • Mevo Plus: On the other hand, Mevo Plus, released in 2020 by FlightScope, uses advanced Doppler radar-based technology. This device not only measures more data parameters but also comes with the recently incorporated Fusion Tracking technology, combining the elements of radar and camera for increased accuracy.

Both SkyTrak and Mevo Plus offer a plethora of features and capabilities that are usually found in much more expensive professional-grade units, the same units that you’d imagine taking up space in a professional golfer’s garage.

They provide real-time data and feedback, allowing golfers to understand and improve their swing and shot consistency. It’s like having a golf pro at your disposal, ready to answer all your questions without the added strain on your wallet.

Remember, the choice between SkyTrak and Mevo Plus should not solely depend on cost. Consider your needs, your playing level, and the kind of data you’re looking to analyze.

SkyTrak vs Mevo Plus Technology

When it comes to SkyTrak vs Mevo Plus technology, both adopt distinct approaches. SkyTrak relies on photometric technology while Mevo Plus utilizes Doppler radar technology. Each of these technologies has its own strengths and functions differently, much like comparing an iOS to a PC.

SkyTrak Launch Monitor
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SkyTrak’s Photometric Technology

  • Photometric technology in SkyTrak employs high-speed cameras to capture images of the club’s impact with the ball. From these images, it derives data about the ball’s speed, spin, and launch angle.
  • This camera-based technology offers high accuracy in indoor settings where wind and other environmental factors are controlled.
  • As a downside, photometric technology might struggle in bright sunlight or poorly lit areas, which can affect the accuracy of data readings.

Note: SkyTrak’s photometric technology is a great fit for those who mainly use their launch monitor indoors and value precise readings about the ball’s launch characteristics.

Mevo+ Launch Monitor
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Mevo Plus’s Doppler Radar Technology

  • Doppler radar technology in Mevo Plus is a form of microwave technology that sends out signals and measures their bounce-back to gather information about the golf ball’s movement.
  • This technology excels in outdoor settings as it’s less affected by lighting conditions and can track the ball over a longer distance.
  • However, Doppler radar technology might face challenges indoors due to limited space and interference from nearby objects.

Recently, Mevo Plus has incorporated Fusion Tracking, adding another layer of sophistication to its technology.

Fusion Tracking combines radar and camera elements to enhance accuracy and consistency in data measurements. This feature allows Mevo Plus to overcome some of the limitations of standalone radar technology.

Tip: Mevo Plus’s Doppler radar technology, enhanced with Fusion Tracking, is an excellent choice for golfers who frequently practice outdoors and prioritize a wide range of data parameters.

When choosing between SkyTrak and Mevo Plus, consider where you’ll be using the launch monitor most often and what data parameters you find most useful. This will help you make the most of the technology offered by each unit, whether you prefer to practice in the garage or on the course.

SkyTrak vs Mevo Plus Data Parameters

SkyTrak vs Mevo Plus Data Metrics

When it comes to measuring SkyTrak vs Mevo Plus data parameters, there’s a significant difference. SkyTrak, with its photometric technology, measures 11 key parameters directly. These parameters include:

  • Ball Speed: The speed at which the ball is traveling after impact
  • Launch Angle: The angle at which the ball leaves the club face
  • Backspin: The spin rate of the ball after being struck by the club
  • Side Spin: The amount of left or right spin imparted on the ball
  • Side Angle: The angle at which the ball is moving relative to the target line

From these direct measurements, SkyTrak is also able to derive additional parameters like total distance, peak height, descent angle, and roll distance.

Note: SkyTrak’s strength lies in its accuracy of data representation, which may be more valuable for those seeking to understand their shot dynamics in depth.

On the flip side, Mevo Plus uses Doppler radar technology to measure a wider range of parameters. At the basic level, it measures 16 parameters, which include:

  • Club Head Speed: The speed of the club head at the point of impact
  • Carry Distance: The distance the ball travels in the air before landing
  • Spin Rate: Overall spin rate of the ball
  • Spin Axis: The tilt angle of the spin axis, influencing the direction of the ball’s flight

Mevo Plus also offers an additional 11 advanced parameters with the Pro Package, providing further insights into your swing and ball flight.

Note: Mevo Plus’s wide range of parameters can provide a more holistic view of your swing and ball flight, invaluable for those looking to improve their game in every aspect.

In conclusion, while SkyTrak focuses on key data points, Mevo Plus provides a broader spectrum of parameters, giving golfers more insights into their game. With an abundance of data at your fingertips, you can dissect every aspect of your performance and make necessary adjustments. It’s a lot to take in, but that’s where the value lies.

Features and Software

Now, let’s discover more about SkyTrak vs Flightscope Mevo Plus analysis and explore their remarkable features and cutting-edge software. Both launch monitors provide their own specially designed apps for analyzing shot trajectories and performance.

SkyTrak vs Mevo Plus Features

These apps provide detailed insight into each shot, allowing you to understand your game on a deeper level. Let’s compare the features and integration options of each, all viewable on your choice of a PC or iOS screen.

  • SkyTrak: The SkyTrak app presents instant 3D visualization of your shot, offering parameters such as launch angle, backspin, sidespin, and more. It integrates seamlessly with popular simulation software like E6 and TGC 2019, offering you a wide range of real-world golf courses to test your skills. However, full course play requires additional purchases.

SkyTrak Software

  • Mevo Plus: The Mevo Plus app measures an impressive 16 data parameters at its base level and a further 11 advanced parameters with the Pro Package. The Mevo Plus 2023 Edition also stands out due to its inclusion of E6 CONNECT software. This provides access to numerous virtual golf courses and practice ranges, offering a superior simulated golf experience right out of the box.

Mevo Plus Software

Third-party software integration is a significant aspect of both launch monitors. Here’s how they compare:

Although both SkyTrak and Mevo Plus can integrate with multiple golf simulator software solutions, there’s some overlap in software options. The cost for third-party software integration is similar, but SkyTrak might offer discounts on licenses.

Comparison Table of the Main Features & Software Options:

Here’s a quick comparison table of the main features and software options for both:

SkyTrakMevo Plus
App FeaturesInstant 3D visualization, multiple data parameters16 base data parameters, and 11 advanced parameters with Pro Package
Simulation Software IntegrationE6, TGC 2019, others (Additional purchases required)E6 CONNECT (included), others
Third-party Software CostsSimilar to Mevo Plus, possible discountsSimilar to SkyTrak

Ultimately, the choice between SkyTrak and Mevo Plus will depend on your individual needs and priorities, be it the number of data parameters, software integration options, or the inclusion of golf simulation experiences. Whether you’re looking at them through the screen of your PC or iOS device, one thing remains the same – both these devices are absolutely remarkable.

When it comes to the base costs, both Mevo Plus and SkyTrak are similarly priced, which makes your choice a lot harder. But rest assured, investing in one of these could turn your simple garage setup into a golfing paradise.

The Mevo Plus 2023 Edition costs $2199, placing it at a slightly higher price point compared to the SkyTrak which is a bit cheaper at $1995.

These price points make these launch monitors a well-balanced choice between the professional-grade units and the pocket-sized monitors under $1000, not unlike the difference between a high-end driving range and a mat at your local fitness golf center.

SkyTrak vs Mevo Plus; Pricing & Add-Ons

SkyTrak vs Mevo Plus Price

In addition to the base costs, both SkyTrak and Mevo Plus offer additional plans and packages, effectively creating a sort of surface layer of pricing systems.

With Mevo Plus, you can get the Pro Package that provides 11 advanced data parameters, akin to a golfer having 11 different clubs in their bag, each to serve a particular purpose.

SkyTrak, on the other hand, offers various subscription plans, including the Game Improvement Plan and the Play and Improve Plan, that unlock additional features and capabilities.

Launch MonitorBase Price
Mevo Plus 2023 Edition$2199

As for the third-party software integration costs, to some, they may resemble costs of added golf course materials like posts for your backyard set-up, they are roughly similar for both launch monitors.

However, SkyTrak licenses may come with discounts, making them a more cost-effective choice for some users, thereby potentially offering an advantage much like well-placed posts in a golf course for marking distances.

  • Mevo Plus Pro Package: This package offers 11 additional advanced data parameters for enhanced performance analysis.
  • SkyTrak Game Improvement Plan: This plan enables skills assessments, bag mapping, and progress tracking.
  • SkyTrak Play and Improve Plan: This plan includes everything in the Game Improvement Plan plus the ability to play on 11 world-class golf courses.

Where To Buy

When it comes to purchasing these top-of-the-line launch monitors, there are a few reputable vendors we highly recommend.

For Mevo Plus and SkyTrak, consider checking out Carl’s Place and Shop Indoor Golf. Both websites are renowned for their excellent customer service and prompt delivery.

Buy SkyTrak

Buy Mevo Plus

Keep in mind that both Mevo Plus and SkyTrak integrate well with multiple golf simulator software solutions, and the costs for these can add up, so it’s crucial to factor these into your budget.

When it comes to third-party software, you can purchase licenses directly from the official websites. For example, E6 CONNECT can be obtained from the official website and integrated into both SkyTrak and Mevo Plus. This flexibility allows you to enhance your golf simulation experience with the software of your choice.

Performance & Use Cases

Let’s now discuss the SkyTrak vs Mevo Plus performance and use. Both golf launch monitors serve their purposes effectively, like a well-driving ball in a spacious driving range. The decision depends on what you prioritize – whether it’s detailed data measurement, indoor or outdoor usability, or additional features like E6 CONNECT.

  • Popularity: Being one of the first affordable launch monitors on the market, SkyTrak has gathered a significant user base over the years.
  • Battery Life: SkyTrak boasts an impressive 5-hour battery life, allowing for extended play sessions.
  • Indoor Usability: With its photometric technology, SkyTrak performs exceptionally well indoors, capturing accurate data and delivering reliable performance.
  • Chipping and Putting Performance: SkyTrak’s ability to accurately measure short shots makes it a favorite among players focused on improving their short game.
  • Setup Space: Requiring less space for setup, SkyTrak is ideal for users with limited space.

SkyTrak Space Requirements

In a nutshell, both SkyTrak and Mevo Plus offer a plethora of features and technologies that cater to different golfing needs, like a well-stocked golf bag with different clubs for different needs. After a thorough comparison, it’s evident that each one has its unique strengths and areas of improvement.

  • Data Accuracy and Measurement: With its Doppler radar technology and Fusion Tracking, Mevo Plus can measure more data parameters, and with a higher degree of precision.
  • Outdoor Usability: Mevo Plus performs exceptionally well outdoors, accurately capturing data even under varying weather conditions.
  • Inclusion of E6 CONNECT: The 2023 Edition of Mevo Plus includes access to E6 CONNECT courses and ranges, providing added value for users.

Mevo Plus Space Requirements

While both SkyTrak and Mevo Plus offer high-quality performance and a range of features, the choice between the two often boils down to user priorities and preferences. For instance, a golfer primarily practicing indoors might prefer the SkyTrak for its superior indoor performance and chipping analysis. On the other hand, a player interested in detailed data analysis and outdoor play might find more value in the Mevo Plus.

Ultimately, the decision between the two boils down to your personal preferences, intended usage, and budget. Here are a few factors to consider:

SkyTrak vs Mevo Plus; Conclusion

Choosing between the SkyTrak and the Mevo Plus ultimately boils down to your individual needs, preferences, and budget. Both launch monitors offer impressive features, and they excel in different areas.

Therefore, it’s paramount to consider what you value most in a launch monitor – is it the number of data parameters, outdoor usability, or the cost of additional simulation software?

  • SkyTrak, with its photometric technology, excels in popularity, battery life, chipping and putting performance, setup space, and some software costs. It might appeal to golfers who prefer a more established brand and a more simple device.
  • Mevo Plus, on the other hand, stands out with its newer Doppler radar technology, increased data measurement, outdoor usability, enhanced Fusion Tracking, and bundled E6 CONNECT courses and ranges. It could be an excellent choice for those who want to get more in-depth insights and enjoy more advanced features.
PreferencesIntended UsageBudget
If you value simplicity and proven performance, SkyTrak might be the one for you. But if you’re after more advanced data parameters and features, Mevo Plus is worth considering.Consider whether you’ll be using the launch monitor primarily indoors or outdoors. If you’re planning on using it outside, Mevo Plus has an edge with its outdoor usability.Although the base costs of both devices are similar, consider the potential additional costs for software integration and advanced data packages. Balance these costs with the features and benefits you expect to get.

Remember, the perfect launch monitor for you is the one that best fits your needs and goals. Whether it’s SkyTrak or Mevo Plus, it should help you improve your game and provide a satisfactory golfing experience.

Final Thoughts

In the end of this Mevo Plus vs SkyTrak analysis, whether you choose SkyTrak or Mevo Plus, what’s most important is to make an informed decision. The right launch monitor can significantly enhance your golfing experience and help you improve your game over time. So take your time, weigh the pros and cons, and choose wisely. Happy golfing!

  • SkyTrak: This remains a popular choice for many, largely due to its extensive track record and solid performance. Its longer battery life and superior performance in chipping and putting make it a strong competitor. If’re prioritizing setup space and potential discounts on software costs, SkyTrak might just be the right fit for you.
  • Mevo Plus: On the other hand, if you’re after the latest technology, greater data measurement, and enjoy playing outdoors, Mevo Plus stands out. With its bundled E6 CONNECT courses and ranges, as well as its advanced Fusion Tracking technology, Mevo Plus offers considerable value for your investment.

Having a deep dive into SkyTrak and Mevo Plus, you might want to explore more about these two fantastic golf launch monitors.

They each have their unique strengths, and depending on your needs, one might be a better fit for you than the other, like choosing between a driving range and a fitness golf setup.

We’ve rounded up some excellent resources where you can find more information, reviews, and user feedback about SkyTrak and Mevo Plus.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” – Peter Drucker

Take time to read through these resources and take note of the experiences of others. But in the end, your decision should hinge on what you want out of your golf launch monitor. Or if you’ve already decided on a device, what are you waiting for? Click the button below to purchase your favorite launch monitor!

Resources and References

If you’re interested in a side-by-side comparison of the specs and features of both products, you might find the table below helpful:

Remember, the best way to choose between SkyTrak and Mevo Plus is by considering your specific needs and preferences. Take time to read through these resources and take note of the experiences of others. 

If you’re interested in a side-by-side comparison of the specs and features of both products, you might find the table below helpful:

SkyTrakMevo Plus
Release Date20142020
TechnologyPhotometricDoppler Radar and Fusion Tracking
Measured ParametersBasic parameters16 parameters at the base level; 11 additional advanced parameters with Pro Package
Software IntegrationE6, TGC 2019 and moreE6 CONNECT and more
Cost$1995$2199 (2023 Edition)

Dive into the world of launch monitors and unlock the secrets of Mevo Plus and Skytrak. Expand your understanding of the myriad options available in the market.

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