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In the modern era of golf, technology plays a pivotal role in enhancing the skills of serious golfers. Golfing technology provides crucial data and metrics that can help players understand their game better and refine their techniques.

Two popular golfing devices on the market today are the Mevo Plus vs Full Swing KIT. Both of these devices offer a wide array of features aimed at helping players improve their game.

Mevo Plus vs. Full Swing Target Audience

The Mevo Plus and Full Swing KIT are cutting-edge devices designed to aid serious golf players keen on enhancing their game. Both tools are equipped with advanced technology, offering detailed metrics and feedback to help golfers understand and improve their swing.

Mevo Plus Target Audience

Endorsed by professionals, Mevo Plus is best suited for scratch players and tournament competitors. This sophisticated device provides in-depth metrics that can offer invaluable insights into a golfer’s performance. However, its advanced features may prove overwhelming for recreational players.

Full Swing KIT Target Audience

The Full Swing KIT, on the other hand, is ideal for passionate golfers working alongside instructors to elevate their game. Its quick and easy setup, coupled with accurate shot information processing, makes it a practical choice for those who value efficiency and precision in their training.

Overview of Each Device

mevo plus vs full swing kit

Mevo Plus

The Mevo Plus is a high-tech golf performance aid designed for players serious about improving their game. It’s equipped with a suite of features that distinguish it from other devices in its category.


The Mevo Plus utilizes photometric technology in combination with 3-D Doppler radar. This unique technology mix enables it to deliver high accuracy and a rich range of shot data to the user.

Mevo Plus Unique Selling Points

  • Multi-modal Technology: The Mevo Plus uses both photometric technology and 3-D Doppler radar, enabling accurate readings for both full swings and chip shots.
  • Portable: The Mevo Plus is compact and fits easily in a golf bag, making it perfect for use both on the course and in practice sessions.
  • Extensive Data: The device provides a robust range of shot data, which can be crucial for players looking to analyze their game in depth.
  • Affordable: Despite its high-end features and technology, the Mevo Plus is relatively more affordable compared to other devices in its category.

Mevo Plus Software

The Mevo Plus leverages the E6 Connect software suite. This software provides a user-friendly interface and offers 17 practice ranges and 5 simulated courses, enhancing the user’s practice experience.

“The Mevo Plus provides advanced metrics and is endorsed by tour pros. It is more accurate than the Skytrak, uses both 3D Doppler radar and a camera for readings, and is relatively more affordable, making it a high-value choice for serious golfers.

Full Swing KIT:

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Renowned for its precision and convenience, the Full Swing KIT is a sophisticated golf training device aimed at players seeking to enhance their performance. It integrates advanced technology with unique features to provide exceptional user experience.

FSK Technological Advantage

This device uses advanced radar sensors coupled with dedicated processors, which results in efficient and accurate data retrieval.

Full Swing Unique Selling Points

  • Fast Setup: The Full Swing KIT is designed for quick and effortless setup without requiring any additional equipment.
  • Multiple Shot Metrics: It can detect up to 16 different shot metrics, providing an extensive overview of your performance.
  • Wireless Connectivity: Offers seamless and speedy connection to various devices, ensuring you can analyze your data without delays.
  • Additional Features: Comes with an impressive 4K camera for shot recording, a golf simulator with E6 connect, and the potential for augmented shot metrics.

Full Swing Kit Features and Advantages

Below is a summarised table of the key features and advantages of the Full Swing KIT:

Radar sensorsEnsure accurate and rapid data retrieval
Dedicated processorsEnhance the speed and accuracy of data processing
4K shot recordingAllows for detailed analysis of each shot
16 shot metricsProvide comprehensive performance insights
Compact designFacilitates easy portability and setup

In conclusion, the Full Swing KIT is a top-tier golf training device that combines advanced technology with user-friendly features. Whether you’re an aspiring golfer or an experienced player, this device can help you take your game to the next level.

Mevo Plus vs. Full Swing First Impressions

Mevo Plus:

As an impressive technological advancement in the golf world, the Mevo Plus combines photometric technology with 3-D Doppler radar. This allows it to provide an abundance of shot data, making it an ideal choice for serious golfers wanting to enhance their game. The high level of accuracy it offers, especially outdoors, further bolsters its appeal.

  • Technology: Mevo Plus uses an innovative blend of photometric technology and 3-D Doppler radar to capture extensive shot data.
  • Accuracy: The device is highly accurate outdoors, with a slightly reduced accuracy when used indoors.
  • Shot Data: With the ability to provide a multitude of shot data, it is one of the most comprehensive golf tracking devices on the market.

Extraordinary accuracy and extensive shot data make Mevo Plus a strong contender for serious golfers looking to make significant improvements in their game.

Initial Impressions of Mevo Plus

Flightscope-Mevo+inside the box

The Mevo Plus leaves a strong first impression with its advanced technology and wealth of shot data. It provides a high volume of shot data, and is particularly notable for its accuracy outdoors.

The wireless Wi-Fi connection makes setup relatively easy, and the device provides more information than Skytrak but less swing info.

Abundance of Shot DataThe Mevo Plus stands out for providing a high volume of shot data.
High AccuracyThis device excels in its accuracy, especially when used outdoors.
Wireless Wi-Fi ConnectionWith its wireless Wi-Fi connection, setting up the Mevo Plus is a breeze.

Full Swing KIT First Impressions:

Upon first encounter, the Full Swing KIT impresses with its small and stylish design. Its compact size does not compromise the high-tech capabilities it houses, adding to its aesthetic appeal.

  • Design: The Full Swing KIT sports a sleek, contemporary look that immediately catches the eye. It is small in size, making it highly portable and convenient to carry around.
  • Setup: Setting up the Full Swing KIT is a breeze. It requires no additional equipment, which makes the setup process quick and straightforward.
  • Metrics: The Full Swing KIT can detect up to 16 different shot metrics. This wide range of data offers players comprehensive insights into their performance, enabling them to make necessary adjustments to their game.

Another notable feature is its wireless connectivity. This allows for a fast and efficient connection to various devices, enhancing the user experience.

With its 4K camera recording capability, golf simulator with E6 connect, and potential for added shot metrics, the Full Swing KIT goes beyond the basics to offer a truly immersive golfing experience.

Mevo Plus vs Full Swing Key Features Breakdown

Mevo Plus features

  • Technology: The Mevo Plus combines photometric technology with 3-D Doppler radar. This unique blend of technology uses a tandem of a camera and radar sensors, making it viable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Software: This device utilizes the E6 Connect software suite providing a range of features for users.
  • Portability: The Mevo Plus is designed to be compact and can fit easily in a golf bag.
  • Features: It is equipped to provide readings for full swings, chip shots, and putts.
  • Metrics: Mevo Plus provides a wide range of shot data, offering an abundance of metrics to help players analyze their performance.

First Impressions: The Mevo Plus provides highly accurate readings outdoors, with slightly reduced accuracy indoors. The wireless Wi-Fi connection simplifies the setup process. It offers more information than Skytrak but provides less swing info.

Full Swing KIT Features

Full Swing KIT’s key differentiating feature is its comprehensive shot metrics. Equipped with high-precision radar sensors and a dedicated processor, it provides insightful data on 16 essential shot metrics.

This feature allows players to gain a detailed understanding of their shots, helping them to improve their performance with precision.

  • Ball Speed: Measures the speed of the golf ball immediately after impact.
  • Club Speed: Measures the speed of the golf club’s head at impact.
  • Launch Angle: Determines the angle at which the golf ball leaves the clubface.
  • Spin Rate: Quantifies the amount of spin on the golf ball.
  • Spin Axis: Measures the tilt direction of the spin axis.
  • Carry Distance: The distance that the golf ball travels through the air.
  • Total Distance: The overall distance the golf ball travels, including roll.
  • Roll Distance: The distance the golf ball rolls after landing.
  • Hang Time: The time the ball spends in the air.
  • Shot Height: The maximum height reached by the ball.
  • Shot Dispersion: The spread of shots around the target line.
  • Peak Height: The highest point of the ball’s trajectory.
  • Launch Direction: The initial direction of the ball relative to the target line.
  • Club Path: The direction the clubhead is moving at impact.
  • Face Angle: The angle of the clubface at impact relative to the target line.
  • Dynamic Loft: The loft angle of the clubface at impact.

Software Capabilities with E6 Connect

E6 CONNECT logo - Best Golf Simulator Software

Full Swing KIT utilizes the E6 Connect software, a leading golf simulator platform with stunning graphics and a powerful physics engine for realistic gameplay.

It offers various game modes and provides precise feedback on each shot, helping to improve your golfing skills. The software also offers an extensive library of world-famous golf courses, providing a realistic and immersive golfing experience.

Target Audience Specifics

The Mevo Plus and the Full Swing KIT are contemporary golf training aids designed to harness technology in improving a player’s performance. Both devices offer unique features and benefits, but they appeal to different types of golfers.

Mevo Plus:

“Best suited for scratch players and tournament competitors.”

  • The Mevo Plus is endorsed by tour pros and is highly relevant in the professional golfing scene.
  • It’s designed to provide a wide array of data that can help serious players understand their performance in depth and devise strategies for improvement.
  • Its accuracy and extensive shot data make it a suitable choice for scratch players and tournament competitors who are aiming for precision and consistency in their game.

Full Swing KIT:

“Ideal for those working with instructors to enhance their skills.”

  1. Full Swing KIT is designed with the mid-handicapper and competitive player in mind.
  2. It provides fast and accurate shot information which can be beneficial for players working with instructors to enhance their game.
  3. Its compact design and easy setup make it a convenient tool for continual learning and improvement.

Mevo Plus vs Full Swing Pros and Cons

Mevo Plus: Pros and Cons


  • Abundance of metrics: Mevo Plus provides an extensive range of shot data, providing valuable insights for the players.
  • Accuracy: Even though the device performs best outdoors, it still maintains good accuracy indoors.
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot: Ease of setup is ensured with the wireless Wi-Fi connection.
  • Endorsement: Supported by tour pros, making it a reliable choice for serious players.


  • Limited Courses: There are only 5 simulated courses available.
  • iOS Compatibility: Simulations are compatible only with iOS devices.

Full Swing KIT: Pros and Cons


  • Setup: The device can be setup quickly and easily without any extra equipment.
  • Metrics: Offers 16 different shot metrics.
  • Connectivity: Has a fast and reliable wireless connection to various devices.
  • Extra features: In addition to an HD camera for shot recording, the Full Swing KIT also offers a unique heads-up display.
  • Endorsement: Endorsed by Tiger Woods


  • Price: Compared to Mevo Plus, Full Swing KIT is more expensive.
  • Space: Requires more space indoors for accurate readings.
  • Charging: The charging time is quite long.

Overall Scoring and Verdict

After thorough testing and analysis, both Mevo Plus and Full Swing KIT have scored impressively, earning 4.3/5. However, each system offers unique advantages that may make it more suitable for specific types of players or needs.

Mevo PlusFull Swing KIT

Note: The score indicates the overall performance of the device based on our testing criteria. A higher score signifies better performance.

While both devices provide a robust set of features and impressive capabilities, their distinct differences cater to different player needs and preferences.

  • Mevo Plus is best suited for scratch players and tournament competitors due to its advanced metrics and accuracy. Its use of both 3D Doppler radar technology and a camera system provides comprehensive shot data, making it a top choice for serious golfers committed to improving their game. However, recreational players might find it overwhelming and not as user-friendly.
  • Full Swing KIT, on the other hand, is perfect for players working closely with instructors to enhance their skills. The easy setup, fast shot information processing, and accurate outdoor readings make it ideal for detailed training sessions. While it’s more expensive than Mevo Plus, the inclusion of extra features like the 4K camera recording and E6 Connect software make it a worthwhile investment for those looking for a high-end, professional-level golf training device.


In conclusion, both the Mevo Plus and Full Swing KIT are high-end tools designed for serious golfers looking to improve their game. Here’s a quick recap:

  • Mevo Plus: Combines photometric technology with 3D Doppler radar, providing a wide range of shot data. It is portable and ideal for scratch players and tournament competitors. Its main drawback is a limited number of simulated courses and it’s compatibility with iOS only.
  • Full Swing KIT: Comes with radar sensors and a dedicated processor. It also features an HD camera for shot recording. Best suited for players working with instructors to improve. Its main downsides are its price, larger indoor space requirement for accuracy, and long charging time.

Both devices scored an impressive 4.3/5, making them excellent choices depending on your specific needs. Consider the following when making your decision:

  1. Your Budget: The Full Swing KIT is more expensive than the Mevo Plus. If you are budget-conscious, the Mevo Plus might be a more appealing option.
  2. Your Training Environment: If you mostly train indoors and have limited space, the Mevo Plus is more suitable. However, if you have a larger space and train mostly outdoors, the Full Swing KIT might be a better choice.
  3. Your Need for Shot Metrics: The Mevo Plus provides more extensive shot data, making it ideal if you require detailed analytics. The Full Swing KIT, however, offers quicker shot information processing.

Ultimately, both devices offer great value and impressive features. Your choice will depend on your individual needs, preferences, and budget.

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