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Building a golf simulator room at home is an exciting project for any golf enthusiast. However, it’s crucial to know the optimal dimensions to ensure a comfortable and functional space.

In this post, we delve into the key insights from a detailed video review that outlines the perfect measurements for your golf simulator room, considering various aspects like swing space, launch monitors, and additional features.

Key Insights

πŸŒοΈβ€β™‚οΈ Optimal Room Dimensions: The ideal golf simulator room should have a ceiling height of three meters and a width of four and a half meters. This size accommodates both right and left-handed players, allowing for a comfortable swing without any adjustments.

πŸ“· Launch Monitor Considerations: For radar-based launch monitors, a length of at least six meters is recommended. However, if you’re using camera-based monitors, the room can be smaller, offering more flexibility in terms of space.

πŸ“ Importance of Room Width: The width of your golf simulator room is crucial as it determines the range of clubs you can use. A wider room is necessary for swinging a driver without hitting the walls.

πŸŒοΈβ€β™‚οΈ Design and Features: A larger golf simulator room opens up possibilities for creative design elements, such as slow-motion video cameras, media walls, and multiple touch screens. It also allows space for additional features like seating and sound systems.

🌳 Customizable Room Sizes: Golf simulator rooms can vary in size, from smaller cabins to larger extensions of your home. They can even be named after famous golf courses for a personalized touch.

πŸŒοΈβ€β™‚οΈ The Carnoustie Golf Simulator Room: This is the most advanced and spacious option, offering nine meters of depth and ample space for all necessary equipment and additional features like a hangout zone.

Timestamped summary

  • 00:00 🏌️ The optimal dimensions for a golf simulator room are a ceiling height of three meters and a width of four and a half meters, allowing both right and left-handed players to comfortably swing and use a radar without any adjustments.
  • 01:00 πŸŒοΈβ€β™‚οΈ For a golf simulator room, the optimal size is a minimum of six meters in length if using radar-based launch monitors, but it can be smaller if using camera-based launch monitors.
  • 01:59 🏌️ You only need a small space to build a golf simulator, with a minimum of one yard in front and behind, but a room that is four meters long would be ideal for a camera system and allow for swinging up to a four iron, while the width of the room determines how many clubs you can swing, with a driver requiring at least four and a half meters of width.
  • 03:02 πŸ’‘ Having a bigger golf simulator room allows for more creative design options and the ability to add extra features like sofas, seating, and sound systems.
  • 04:11 🏌️ Golf simulator rooms can be built in different sizes, ranging from small cabins to larger rooms that can be an extension of your home.
  • 05:00 🏌️ The Carnoustie golf simulator room is the largest and most versatile, with enough space for all the necessary equipment and a hangout zone.
  • 05:36 🏌️ The ideal dimensions for a home golf simulator room are 6 meters in length, 3 meters in height, and 4.5 meters in width, but it can be smaller if necessary, although compromising on the number of golf clubs that can be used, and it is recommended to go bigger if possible to have a golf simulator bar area.
  • 06:34 πŸ’‘ Use the discount code “handicap5” at Golf Swing Systems for savings on simulator equipment.


What does the video discuss regarding the use of different launch monitors in golf simulator rooms?

The video highlights the space requirements for radar vs. camera-based launch monitors, noting that radar-based systems generally require more depth.

How does room width impact the choice of golf clubs in a simulator room?

Room width is crucial as it dictates the range of clubs you can use. A minimum width of four and a half meters is ideal to accommodate a full swing with a driver.

What are the advantages of having a larger golf simulator room?

A larger room not only allows for a comfortable swing space but also provides opportunities for creative design and additional features like seating and sound systems.

Can golf simulator rooms be customized to fit different spaces?

Yes, these rooms can range from small cabins to larger extensions, and can be tailored to fit various spaces and personal preferences.

What makes the Carnoustie golf simulator room stand out?

The Carnoustie room is notably spacious, offering nine meters of depth and ample space for advanced features, making it an ideal choice for golf enthusiasts seeking a comprehensive setup.


Creating the perfect golf simulator room requires careful consideration of dimensions and equipment. By following these guidelines, you can ensure a comfortable, functional, and enjoyable golfing experience right in your home. Remember to use the discount code “handicap5” at Golf Swing Systems for savings on simulator equipment. Happy golfing!

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