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When golf legend Tiger Woods endorses a product, the golfing world takes notice. The Full Swing KIT, a high-caliber launch monitor, is the latest tool to earn Woods’ stamp of approval.

Given its impressive standalone functionality, a rich assortment of precise metrics, and an intuitively designed interface, it’s hardly surprising that this piece of equipment has been causing quite a buzz amongst golf enthusiasts.

With that in mind, it seems only appropriate to delve into an in-depth Full Swing KIT review.

Tiger Woods Full Swing Kit
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Key Features:

  • Standalone Capability: The Full Swing KIT can be used indoors or outdoors, giving you versatility and freedom to practice anywhere.
  • Accurate Metrics: The device measures sixteen different data points, providing comprehensive data on your swings.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The KIT can be paired with iOS devices, but also boasts an impressive onboard display with customizable options.
  • Adaptable for Different Player Types: The Full Swing KIT caters to both left and right-handed golfers, offering flexibility and convenience to a broader range of users. This inclusivity ensures that no player is left behind, regardless of their preferred hand orientation.

Endorsed by Tiger Woods and tested against the best in the market, the Full Swing KIT is a value-driven launch monitor that promises tour-level accuracy at a fraction of the cost. Read on for a detailed review.

Overview of Full Swing KIT

The Full Swing KIT is a premier launch monitor that offers an unparalleled user experience. It stands out with its standalone capability, meaning you’re not tethered to a PC or mobile device when using it.

This feature offers unmatched flexibility and convenience, allowing golfers to use it in various environments and conditions.

One of the key features of this launch monitor is its simplicity and ease of use. Once powered, it requires minimal setup to start working:

  • Position it ten feet behind the hitting spot
  • Pair with an iOS device if desired, although it’s not necessary due to the onboard display
  • Choose from the customizable display options to suit your preference

As endorsed by professional golfer Tiger Woods, the Full Swing KIT is not just easy to use, but also remarkably accurate. The ability to measure sixteen different data points, including carry distance and offline total distance, provides golfers with critical insights into their performance.

Compared to other market players, the Full Swing KIT offers extraordinary value. For example, when tested against the well-regarded Foresight GCQuad, the Full Swing KIT demonstrated comparable distances and launch angles, signifying its tour-level accuracy.

Although it showed some inconsistencies with spin numbers, the company is actively addressing these minor issues.

In terms of pricing, the Full Swing KIT is positioned as an affordable tool for golfers.
With a price tag of $4,000, it delivers a broad range of features, including golf simulation through the e6 software platform, at a fraction of its competitors’ cost.

The monitor also comes with a sturdy carrying case, which ensures its safety during transport.

In conclusion, the Full Swing KIT launch monitor is a top choice for golfers seeking a high-quality, value-driven tool. Its endorsement by Tiger Woods, notable accuracy, and range of metrics confirm its premium quality and standout position in the market.

Full Swing KIT Review

Set-Up and User Experience

Setting up the Full Swing KIT is a straightforward process, meticulously planned for user convenience. The first step involves charging the device. With its integrated battery, the device can be powered up using the included cable, ensuring it’s ready for your practice session.

Positioning is the next crucial step in the Full Swing KIT setup. The device is designed to be placed approximately ten feet behind your hitting spot.

This positioning is essential for the device to accurately capture and analyze your swing and ball flight. Its versatility allows it to be used both indoors and outdoors, recommending a minimum eight feet of ball flight for optimal results.

The Full Swing KIT exhibits excellent compatibility with iOS devices. This feature allows users to pair the device with their iPhone or iPad, enabling them to view their swing data in real-time, adjust settings, and even replay their shots.

It’s important to note that while the device can function as a standalone unit, pairing it with an iOS device unlocks its full potential.

One of the standout features of the Full Swing KIT is its customizable display options.
The launch monitor offers users the ability to modify the display to suit their preferences, ensuring they have access to the information they find most helpful when practicing.

Configuring the display is a simple, intuitive process, further enhancing the user experience.

The Full Swing KIT setup is designed to be user-friendly, ensuring golfers can focus more on their game than on managing their equipment.

Accuracy and Data Points

The Full Swing KIT demonstrates remarkable accuracy in its measurements. It produces a broad spectrum of metrics, providing a comprehensive profile of a golfer’s swing and shot. Here are 16 data points that the device measures:

  • Carry distance
  • Total distance
  • Offline total distance
  • Peak height
  • Launch angle
  • Ball speed
  • Club speed
  • Club face angle
  • Club path
  • Spin axis
  • Ball flight time
  • Descent angle
  • Offline landing
  • Smash factor
  • Spin rate
  • Club loft at impact

In terms of accuracy, the Full Swing KIT stands its ground against more established brands. When tested alongside the Foresight GCQuad, a leading device in the market, the Full Swing KIT showed comparable distances and launch angles. This highlights the precision of this tool, making it a robust choice for golfers of all levels.

When put head-to-head with the Foresight GCQuad, the Full Swing KIT delivered comparable distances and launch angles, proving its accuracy on par with top-tier devices in the market.

However, like any technological product, it’s not without its quirks. The Full Swing KIT has been noted to have some inconsistencies when measuring spin numbers.

The company is aware of this issue and has assured customers that they are actively addressing the problem to improve the monitor’s reliability.

Full Swing KIT Software and App

full swing kit app
Full Swing Kit App

One of the key aspects of the Full Swing KIT is the companion app. The app is designed to be user-friendly, intuitive, and easy to navigate, making it a breeze even for those who are not tech-savvy.

Notably, the Full Swing KIT app is exclusively available for iOS devices, reinforcing the premium feel of the product.

The primary functionalities of the app are: 

  • Aligning the unit to the target
  • Changing clubs
  • Modifying the display to suit your preferences
  • Viewing an array of metrics for in-depth shot analysis

The app comes in two versions – a free version and a premium version. The free version of the app includes the basic functionalities needed for a satisfactory experience with the Full Swing KIT.

However, for those seeking a more detailed analysis, the premium version of the app is offered at $100/year.

This version unlocks additional features such as: 

  1. Advanced shot data
  2. Club fitting module
  3. Ball fitting module
  4. Swing analysis module

Note: While the premium version does come with an annual fee, it offers a range of features that can elevate your golfing experience and help improve your skills.

In conclusion, the Full Swing KIT app is a crucial part of the device, enhancing its functionality, and providing users with the tools necessary to maximize their performance on the course.

Golf Simulation Capabilities

The Full Swing KIT is not just a launch monitor, it also brings the golf course to your home through golf simulation. This feature is enabled by integrating the device with the renowned e6 software platform.

This setup transforms your practice space into a virtual golf course, allowing you to play a round of golf regardless of weather conditions or time constraints.

To run the Full Swing KIT golf simulation, you need:

  • Full Swing KIT: The device is the heart of the simulation, tracking your shots and translating them into the virtual game.
  • Apple Device: The unit pairs with Apple devices which serve as the interface for controlling the simulation.
  • e6 Subscription: A subscription to e6 software is necessary to access the virtual golf courses and game modes.

Note: The e6 software is not included in the Full Swing KIT’s purchase price. It is a separate subscription that needs to be purchased to enjoy the golf simulation feature.

The graphics quality of the e6 software is impressive, offering a realistic golfing experience.

The software features numerous world-renowned courses, each beautifully rendered in high-definition.

The ball physics are exceptionally accurate, and the game scenarios are convincing, immersing you into the game setting and enhancing your golfing experience.

Value Proposition and Pricing

Full Swing KIT app
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When discussing the Full Swing KIT, the price cannot be overlooked. Retailing at $4,000, this premium golf tool offers an array of features that significantly elevate its value and firmly positions it as a beneficial investment for golfers.

“The Full Swing KIT provides golf enthusiasts an extensive range of features at a fraction of the cost of its competitors.”

Let’s break down its value proposition:

  • Comparable Accuracy: The Full Swing KIT delivers similar accuracy levels to more expensive competitors, providing a more cost-effective solution to golfers.
  • All Features Unlocked: Unlike other golf monitors, the Full Swing KIT doesn’t hide any features behind a paywall. All features are fully unlocked with the initial purchase, offering a comprehensive golf analysis tool without any additional payments.
  • Protective Carrying Case: The Full Swing KIT comes with a sturdy carrying case, ensuring its safety during transport and adding to the product’s overall value.

When compared to its competitors, the Full Swing KIT price is a testament to its value-driven approach.

The product provides golf enthusiasts with a complete set of features at a fraction of the cost of its rivals, making it a compelling choice for golfers seeking tour-level accuracy without breaking the bank.

Full Swing KIT Review Conclusion: Why Choose the Full Swing KIT?

The Full Swing KIT has emerged as a standout in the golfing world, offering a high-quality, value-driven launch monitor with notable accuracy. What really sets it apart are its standout features and the advantages it brings to the table:

  • Affordability: Compared to its competitors, the Full Swing KIT offers a broad range of features at a fraction of the price. Its $4,000 price point challenges the norm in the launch monitor market.
  • Quality: Despite its affordable price, the KIT doesn’t compromise on quality. It measures sixteen data points with impressive accuracy, and even compares favorably against established devices like the Foresight GCQuad.
  • Endorsement by Tiger Woods: The fact that Tiger Woods used this device after his car accident is a testament to its premium quality. This endorsement alone speaks volumes about the KIT’s reliability and performance.
  • Ability to challenge established brands: The Full Swing KIT isn’t just a new player in the market – it’s a contender. Its affordable price, high quality, and endorsement by Tiger Woods position it to challenge, and potentially outperform, established brands in the market.

“The Full Swing KIT is an affordable yet high-quality launch monitor, competing with pricier, established brands. Given its metrics, accuracy, and Tiger Woods’ endorsement, it’s a top choice for golfers.”

In conclusion, the Full Swing KIT stands as a beacon of affordability, quality, and reliability in the world of golf. It’s an excellent choice for any golfer looking to elevate their game without breaking the bank.

trackman vs full swing
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One Last thing

In the world of golf, accuracy and precision are paramount. With the Full Swing KIT, you gain access to a high-quality, value-driven launch monitor that offers a variety of metrics with notable accuracy. As golf enthusiasts, we understand the importance of having the right gear, and this kit is nothing short of exceptional.

Tiger Woods, one of golf’s greatest champions, used the Full Swing KIT after his car accident, further underscoring its premium quality and exceptional performance.

Positioned as an affordable tool with Tour-level accuracy, the Full Swing KIT offers remarkable value that’s hard to match.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started in golf, the Full Swing KIT is a top choice. Its ease of use, accuracy, and affordability make it a leading product in its category.

Available from trusted retailers such as Shop Indoor Golf, Rain or Shine Golf, Top Shelf Golf, and Carls Place, it’s never been easier to enhance your game.

To help you make the right choice, we’ve put together a handy table detailing where you can purchase your Full Swing KIT. Simply click the button under your preferred retailer to check the latest price.

RetailerLatest Price
Shop Indoor Golf
Rain or Shine Golf
Top Shelf Golf
Carls Place

In conclusion, the Full Swing KIT stands out as an excellent tool for golfers, offering a combination of premium quality, affordability, and exceptional accuracy. We highly recommend considering this launch monitor for your golfing needs.

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