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In the world of golf, technological advancements have undoubtedly played a significant role in helping players refine their skills and improve their games. Among these, launch monitors are instrumental.

These nifty devices provide golfers with a wealth of data critical to understanding their golf swings and making necessary adjustments. Today’s focus lands on two top-tier launch monitors in the market: SkyTrak Plus (ST+) vs FlightScope Mevo Plus.

Both have earned their stripes for their impressive features and precise data tracking. In this comparison, we’ll delve into their individual features, improvements, pricing, and overall value to help you determine which is the right fit for your golfing needs.

SkyTrak Plus (ST+): An Upgraded Choice

As an avid golf enthusiast, you’re probably familiar with the original SkyTrak by Rapsodo. It has garnered quite a reputation for itself, hasn’t it? Known for its high-quality performance and functionality, it has become a favorite among golfers worldwide. However, the new SkyTrak Plus (ST+) takes it up a notch.

ST+ is not just a fancy name, it’s an upgraded version of the original SkyTrak. It’s like a masterstroke by Rapsodo, a company that has successfully managed to enhance the features and iron out the weaknesses of its predecessor. Here’s what you can look forward to with the SkyTrak Plus:

  • An advanced dual Doppler radar system, which significantly improves the accuracy of club data.
  • A faster processor to reduce shot delay – because we all know how valuable time is on the golf course!
  • Enhanced Wi-Fi connectivity and a USB-C for faster charging. In this digital age, who doesn’t appreciate a strong internet connection and quick charging?
  • Improved performance in bright outdoor conditions – now you can enjoy your golf sessions under the sun without compromising on performance.
  • Additional courses in the software for a more varied and extensive golfing experience.

What we have here is a golf gadget that has been revamped, improved, and enhanced. The SkyTrak Plus promises to take your golfing experience to a whole new level. Exciting, isn’t it?

Features and Improvements

Upgrades and improvements are the highlights of any new product, and the SkyTrak Plus is no exception. Building upon its predecessor, the SkyTrak Plus brings a wealth of new features and enhancements to the table. Let’s dive into the key aspects that make the SkyTrak Plus a worthy upgrade.

  • Dual Doppler radar system: With this system, the accuracy of club data is significantly improved. This is a major step up from the original SkyTrak and a feature that will truly enhance your practice sessions.
  • Enhanced photometric camera system and machine-learning software: These upgrades contribute to the overall data accuracy, providing you with more reliable and precise insights into your performance.
  • Faster processor and reduced shot delay: No more waiting for the ball data. The faster processor in the ST+ makes the analysis almost instantaneous, thereby reducing the shot delay.
  • Larger hitting area: The hitting area is about 40% larger than the original SkyTrak, making it more user-friendly and accommodating to different skill levels.
  • No need for special balls or club stickers: This is a convenient feature that eliminates the need for any additional equipment or adjustments to your clubs.
  • Upgraded connectivity and charging options: Enhanced Wi-Fi connectivity and USB-C for faster charging make the ST+ more versatile and user-friendly.
  • Better performance in bright outdoor conditions: The ST+ offers superior outdoor performance, even in bright conditions. This is a major plus for those who like practicing under the sun.
  • Additional courses and improved Shot Optimizer: The software has been upgraded with additional courses and an improved Shot Optimizer that enables you to compare your data with professional players and skill levels.
  • Instructional tutorials by PGA Pro Nick Clearwater: For those seeking to improve their game, the tutorials provided by PGA Pro Nick Clearwater will be a valuable resource. His expert insights will help you understand the data better and use it to improve your skills.

With these extensive improvements, the SkyTrak Plus solidifies its place in the market as a top-tier launch monitor, providing users with an all-round and comprehensive practice tool.

Setting Up the SkyTrak+

Setting up your SkyTrak Plus (ST+) is a straightforward process that we’ve broken down into simple steps. These steps ensure seamless operation and help you enjoy the improved features of this fantastic launch monitor.

  1. Register the Device: Begin by registering your ST+ on the SkyTrak website. You will need the Electronic Serial Number (ESN) that comes with your device. This registration ensures that your device is identified and recognized whenever you connect it to the SkyTrak app.
  2. Download the SkyTrak App: The next step is to download and install the SkyTrak app on your preferred device. The app is compatible with PC, iOS, and Android platforms. A simple search in your device’s app store should lead you directly to the SkyTrak app. Download and install it just as you would any other app.
  3. Connect the Device: Now, you’re ready to connect your ST+ to the device where you’ve installed the SkyTrak app. You can connect via USB, a direct method, or a network method. The choice of connection depends on your preference and the devices you’re using.
  4. Position the ST+: Proper positioning of the ST+ is crucial for accurate data collection. The device should be placed in a way that’s aligned with your target. Also, ensure you have a large enough hitting area for your drives and swings. Remember, ST+ comes with a 40% larger hitting area than the original SkyTrak, giving you more room for your shots.

Following these steps will set up your ST+ correctly, ultimately leading to a better golfing experience. By leveraging the technology of ST+, you can track your performance and make necessary improvements in your game.

Parameters & Accuracy

When it comes to gaining insights into your golf swing, the SkyTrak Plus (ST+) doesn’t pull any punches. This high-tech launch monitor measures an array of ball and club data to help you fine-tune your performance. Here’s a closer look at what it captures:

  • Ball Data: The ST+ records ball speed, launch angle, side spin, back spin, spin axis, carry distance, and total distance, among other parameters. Understanding these metrics can help you make informed adjustments to your swing and equipment.
  • Club Data: ST+ also measures clubhead speed, club path, and face angles. These data points give you a comprehensive view of your swing mechanics, allowing you to identify areas for improvement and monitor your progress over time.

But what about accuracy? You’ll be pleased to know that the ST+ is reported to be around 40% more accurate than the original SkyTrak. This means you can trust the data you’re seeing and feel confident making changes based on these insights.

Remember: Knowledge is power, and the more accurate your data, the more effective your practice sessions will be.

And how does the ST+ fare when compared to other top launch monitors on the market? Well, when compared to the likes of FlightScope X3, it’s within a 5% accuracy range.

This is impressive, given the significant price difference between these two devices. Notably, ball speed and launch angle tend to be the most accurate measurements on ST+, making it a reliable tool for gauging your performance.

Outdoor Performance

When it comes to the outdoor performance, the SkyTrak Plus (ST+) certainly has the edge. Compared to its predecessor, the ST+ boasts vastly improved functionality when used outdoors. It has been specifically designed to handle a variety of outdoor conditions, ensuring that your game isn’t impacted by the elements.

For optimal outdoor use, it’s best to position the ST+ in a place with minimal direct sunlight. That’s not to say it can’t handle a bit of sun; in fact, it performs admirably in brighter conditions. However, shade or cloudy conditions are ideal for maximizing its performance.

  • Improved Outdoor Performance: ST+ is enhanced to perform better in outdoor conditions than the original SkyTrak. It’s more tolerant of bright conditions, making it a versatile choice for golfers who play outdoors.
  • Ideal Conditions: While ST+ can handle various conditions, it is best to use it in shade or under cloudy skies. Direct sunlight can sometimes interfere with the radar, so it’s best to avoid it if possible.
  • Optimal Results: For the most accurate outdoor results, we recommend hitting off a mat. This helps to ensure the ST+ can accurately capture your swing and the ball’s flight.

Remember, while the ST+ is a robust piece of equipment, it’s always important to consider the conditions in which you’re using it. By doing so, you can ensure you’re getting the most accurate data and the best possible performance.

To sum up, whether you’re practicing in your backyard or out on the course, the SkyTrak Plus (ST+) offers reliable and accurate data. Its improved outdoor performance and tolerance of various conditions make it a worthwhile investment for any golfer looking to improve their game.

Features and Software

Stepping into the universe of SkyTrak’s software and features, you’ll find that it’s teeming with options designed to enhance your golfing experience. The SkyTrak app, accessible on PC, iOS, or Android devices, is your gateway to this world of golfing enhancements.

Once you delve into the app, three notable modes immediately command your attention: Practice, Challenge, and Game Improvement. Let’s explore these a little more.

  • Practice Mode: Here’s where you can freely hit shots and get instant feedback on your performance. This mode captures and presents crucial data such as ball speed, launch angle, carry distance, and total distance. It’s like having a professional golf coach by your side, breaking down every shot in detail.
  • Challenge Mode: If you’re someone who thrives on competition, this mode is designed for you. It offers mini-games such as “Closest To The Pin” and “Long Drive”, encouraging you to push your boundaries and improve your game in a fun, engaging way.
  • Game Improvement Mode: This mode takes a more structured approach to helping you level up your skills. It includes features like Bag Mapping, Skills Assessment, and Wedge Matrix, each designed to analyze and improve specific aspects of your game.

Diving deeper into the app, you’ll encounter the Shot Optimizer. This feature serves as a personal golf analyst, comparing your shot data with optimal ranges and offering insights on how to enhance your performance. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, the Shot Optimizer can be a game-changer in understanding and improving your swing dynamics.

“The Shot Optimizer is like having a professional golf analyst at your fingertips, guiding you towards your best performance.”

For those who enjoy a good golf simulation, SkyTrak’s compatibility with third-party solutions like E6 CONNECT, The Golf Club 2019, and WGT Golf offers a realistic, immersive golfing experience. Whether you want to play a round at Pebble Beach or face the challenges of St. Andrew’s Old Course, these simulations bring the golf course to you.

In conclusion, SkyTrak’s software and features offer a comprehensive, user-friendly platform to improve your golfing skills. Whether you’re practicing, facing challenges, or improving your game, SkyTrak provides the tools and analysis to guide your journey.

Pricing & Plans

When it comes to SkyTrak Plus, the investment is considerable but worth it for the serious golf enthusiast or professional. The SkyTrak Plus unit itself comes with a price tag of $2995. This upfront cost gets you the advanced launch monitor system with all its upgraded features and enhancements.

In addition to the unit cost, SkyTrak offers three different software plans to cater to various needs:

  1. Basic Plan: This is the most affordable plan and provides access to the basic features and functions of the SkyTrak app, including practice range mode, shot data, and basic ball flight visuals.
  2. Game Improvement Plan: A step up from the Basic Plan, the Game Improvement Plan adds additional features like skills assessments, bag mapping, progress tracking, and more. It’s designed for golfers aiming to improve their game through detailed data analysis.
  3. Play & Improve Plan: The ultimate SkyTrak package, the Play & Improve Plan includes everything from the Game Improvement Plan, plus access to a wide range of simulated golf courses. It’s the perfect plan for those wanting to combine game improvement with the fun and challenge of simulated play.

Beyond these plans, there may be additional costs if you want to utilize third-party simulation software. SkyTrak Plus is compatible with popular golf simulation solutions like E6 CONNECT, The Golf Club 2019, and WGT Golf, among others. These can provide a more immersive experience but come at an extra cost.

Remember, when you’re factoring in the cost of SkyTrak Plus, it’s not just about the upfront unit price. Consider the software plan that best suits your needs, and whether you’ll want to invest in third-party simulation software for the ultimate at-home golf experience.

Conclusion for SkyTrak Plus

In conclusion, the SkyTrak Plus (ST+) represents a significant leap forward from its predecessor, the original SkyTrak. This new iteration brings with it a host of improvements that make it a standout contender in the launch monitor market.

  • Enhanced Accuracy: With the integration of a Dual Doppler radar system and an improved photometric camera system, the ST+ provides club and ball data with stunning accuracy, reportedly 40% more accurate than the original SkyTrak. Its performance even when compared to top-tier launch monitors like FlightScope X3 is impressive, with accuracy within 5%.
  • Improved Outdoor Performance: The ST+ shines in outdoor settings with remarkable performance, even in bright conditions. This makes it a versatile companion for golfers who prefer practicing outdoors.
  • Robust Software: The ST+ is bolstered by robust software that offers Practice, Challenge, and Game Improvement modes, in addition to a Shot Optimizer for data analysis and Shot Score for performance tracking. This makes it an excellent tool for enhancing your golfing skills.

With a price tag of $2995, the ST+ may initially seem steep. However, when you consider the wealth of features, improvements, and the precision it offers, it represents tremendous value.

Its competitive software plans further allow users to customize their experience based on their needs and budget.

Simply put, the SkyTrak Plus is more than just a launch monitor; it’s a complete golfing solution that brings professional-level technology and insights right to your doorstep.


So, whether you’re a professional golfer looking to hone your skills or a hobbyist seeking a deeper understanding of your game, the ST+ offers a comprehensive, user-friendly, and accurate approach to improving your game.

FlightScope Mevo Plus: Professional & Affordable

If you’re a golf enthusiast looking for a top-notch launch monitor without splurging a fortune, you might want to turn your attention towards the new player in town – the FlightScope Mevo Plus.

An affordable alternative that doesn’t compromise on professional capabilities, the Mevo Plus is here to challenge its high-priced counterparts in the market.

“The FlightScope Mevo Plus offers professional capabilities without breaking the bank.”

This remarkable piece of technology was announced at the January 2020 PGA Show and has since been making waves in the golfing community. It offers precise data measurements, user-friendly interface, and versatile practice sessions, making it a valuable tool for golfers of all skill levels.

  • It’s refreshingly affordable, priced at $2,199, making professional-quality launch monitors accessible to more golfers.
  • The Mevo Plus provides highly accurate data, thanks to its Fusion Tracking technology which combines Doppler radar and camera tracking.
  • The user-friendly FS Golf app offers multiple modes for different practice sessions, catering to every golfer’s needs.

In conclusion, the FlightScope Mevo Plus is a game-changer in the launch monitor market, combining affordability, versatility and precision all in one compact device.

Mevo Plus Overview

Introduced at the PGA Show in January 2020, FlightScope’s Mevo Plus made waves. In February 2023, a new and improved version was launched. With a price of $2,199, it costs more than competitors Swing Caddie SC400, Rapsodo MLM 2 Pro, and Garmin R10, all of which are priced under $1,000. So, why is the 2023 FlightScope Mevo Plus worth the higher cost?

The 2023 model has an updated design and more features. The physical design is familiar but better, with a red power button and better stand design. The package includes the device, charging cord, quick start guide, e6 simulator membership, carabiner, metal stickers, and setup diagram. However, it still uses a standard USB connection, without USB-C.

The standout feature of the Mevo Plus is its professional-grade technology. It uses Fusion Tracking technology, combining Doppler radar and camera tracking, for accurate swing data.

This high-end tech is now available to casual golfers. The user-friendly FS Golf app provides different modes for practice. For serious golfers or professionals, the Pro Package and Face Impact Detection add-ons provide club fitting and swing analysis metrics.

Considering its high-level features, the 2023 FlightScope Mevo Plus provides value for its cost. It may be the launch monitor you’ve been waiting for, regardless of whether you’re a professional or a weekend golfer.

Setting Up the Mevo Plus

Stepping into the world of the FlightScope Mevo Plus, setting up the device is a breeze. Knowing how to properly set up the Mevo Plus is crucial to ensure accurate data measurements and a smooth golfing experience.

Whether you’re a professional golfer or a golfing enthusiast, you can easily navigate this process. Let’s dive into the step-by-step process:

  1. Charge Your Mevo Plus: Before you start, ensure that your Mevo Plus is fully charged. It uses a standard USB connection for charging, so you can easily plug it into any compatible power source.
  2. Download the FS Golf App: The Mevo Plus uses the FS Golf app to display all your shot data and to control the device. The app is available for both Android and Apple devices, and it’s compatible with the Apple Watch for user convenience. Download it from your device’s app store.
  3. Connect to FS Golf: Turn on your Mevo Plus and open the FS Golf app. In the app, go to the settings menu and select ‘Device Connection’. From the list of available devices, select your Mevo Plus. The device connects via Wi-Fi, ensuring a stable connection while you play.
  4. Alignment and Settings: Proper alignment is vital. Position the Mevo Plus behind and to the side of the hitting area, and align it with the target line. The Mevo Plus includes tilt and roll angle adjustments to help with this. Check and adjust the settings in the FS Golf app as needed. Remember to consider factors like altitude, ball type, and the device’s orientation.

Note: The Mevo Plus needs a clear line of sight to the ball. Make sure there are no obstructions between the device and the hitting area.

And there you have it! By following these steps, you’re setting yourself up for a successful practice session with the FlightScope Mevo Plus. So, go forth and conquer the fairway!

Features and Software

The FS Golf app, the heart of the FlightScope Mevo Plus, is a treasure trove of features and modes designed to elevate your practice sessions. The app goes a long way in rendering Mevo+ a versatile tool that caters to a variety of golfing needs. But what does each mode offer? Let’s delve into their unique functionalities.

  • Full Swing Session: This mode allows you to practice your full swing shots, providing crucial data like ball speed, launch angle, and carry distance. It’s like having a pro golf coach, offering insights into your swing.
  • Swing Training Session: Looking to improve your swing? This mode provides real-time feedback on your swing and offers tips for improvement. It’s the perfect mode to iron out those swing inconsistencies.
  • Chipping Session: Good chipping is often the difference between a good round and a great one. This mode offers dedicated practice for your short game, assisting you in mastering those delicate touch shots around the green.
  • Putting Session: Putting can be a game-changer, and this mode offers focused practice on your putting skills. It provides valuable data on your putts, helping you to make those crucial shots when it matters most.
  • Challenges: Want to test your skills? The Challenges mode provides a competitive edge to your practice sessions, allowing you to set targets and track your progress over time. It’s a fun and engaging way to monitor your improvement.
  • Review Session: After an intense practice session, this mode allows you to review the data collected. You can analyze your shots, swings, and track your progress over time.

In addition to the FS Golf app’s in-built capabilities, the FlightScope Mevo Plus also boasts impressive compatibility with third-party simulators. These include some of the industry favorites:

  1. E6 Connect: Known for its ultra-realistic graphics and a vast array of courses, E6 Connect takes your indoor golfing experience to a new level.
  2. WGT Golf: Want to play on some of the world’s renowned courses? WGT Golf brings them to your living room, offering a truly immersive golfing experience.
  3. The Golf Club 2019: Offering a mix of competitive play and course design features, The Golf Club 2019 has something for every golf enthusiast.

With such a variety of modes and third-party simulator compatibility, the FlightScope Mevo Plus ensures that your practice session is as comprehensive and enjoyable as possible.

Fusion Tracking Technology

For all the tech enthusiasts out there, you’re probably wondering what the Fusion Tracking Technology is all about. Well, let’s delve into it. This innovative technology is a unique blend of both Doppler radar technology and high-speed camera tracking.

What makes this technology stand out?

  1. Doppler Radar: This technology is known for accurately measuring the speed of moving objects. It’s the same tech used by meteorologists to measure wind speed, so you know it’s reliable. In the context of the Mevo Plus, it measures ball speed, club speed, and even spin rate.
  2. High-speed Camera: The camera tracks the initial launch, trajectory, and landing of the ball. This aids in providing accurate measurements for launch angle, carry distance, and total distance.

When these two tracking systems work in tandem, they provide highly accurate and detailed data. This Fusion Tracking Technology significantly enhances the overall performance of the Mevo Plus, allowing it to compete with premium launch monitors in the market.

The accuracy of your measurements is no longer solely dependent on one system. The Fusion Tracking Technology ensures that even if one system fails to capture a particular detail, the other system can compensate. This redundancy not only ensures accuracy but also reliability.

In conclusion, the Fusion Tracking Technology is a genuine game-changer in the world of golf launch monitors. It provides a level of precision that was previously only available in high-end, professional-grade systems.

Pro Package and Face Impact Detection

When it comes to enhancing your golf game, the Pro Package and Face Impact Detection add-ons for the 2023 FlightScope Mevo Plus are invaluable assets. These features are designed to provide a more detailed insight into your swing and club fitting, helping you understand and improve your technique.

The Pro Package is nothing short of a game-changer. It provides you with an extensive list of parameters, including but not limited to:

  • Clubhead Speed: Measures how fast your club is moving at impact.
  • Smash Factor: It’s the ratio of ball speed to club speed, giving you an idea of your swing efficiency.
  • Spin Loft: This helps you understand the relationship between your attack angle and dynamic loft.
  • Carry Efficiency: It tells you how well you’re transferring energy from the club to the ball.
  • Club Path: It gives you a detailed insight into the direction of your swing path.

These metrics are critical for club fitting as they help identify the right club characteristics that match your swing. Knowing your clubhead speed, for instance, can help you decide on the right flex for your club shaft. Similarly, understanding your club path can aid in choosing the right clubhead design.

Remember, knowledge is power, and the more data you have, the better equipped you are to make informed decisions about your club fitting.

As for the Face Impact Detection feature, it takes swing analysis to another level. It uses high-speed cameras to capture the exact point of impact on the clubface. This information helps you understand the following:

  1. Striking Consistency: It lets you know if you’re consistently hitting the sweet spot or need to work on your precision.
  2. Impact Location’s Effect on Ball Flight: Understand how impact location changes the ball’s trajectory, spin rate, and overall flight.

Having a clear understanding of these factors can significantly improve your training sessions, as it allows you to focus on the areas that need the most improvement. You can work on your precision and understand how these subtleties can drastically change your ball’s flight.

With the Pro Package and Face Impact Detection add-ons, you’re not just hitting balls; you’re practicing with purpose.

Pro PackageProvides detailed metrics for club fitting and swing analysis.
Face Impact DetectionHelps improve striking consistency and understand the impact location’s effect on ball flight.

In conclusion, while these add-ons might seem overwhelming to casual players, they can be incredibly beneficial for those serious about improving their game.

They provide a wealth of actionable data, helping you understand your current performance level and highlight the areas that could use some improvement.

Compatibility and Convenience

One of the standout features of the FlightScope Mevo Plus is its impressive range of compatibility with various devices.

The Mevo Plus is designed to work seamlessly with both Android and Apple devices which allows for a multitude of golfers with different tech preferences to utilize this device to its full capacity.

The compatibility doesn’t just stop at smartphones and tablets, it extends to smartwatches too. Yes, you heard us right!

  • Android compatibility: Mevo Plus works smoothly with Android devices, allowing you to access the FS Golf app and all its features from your Android smartphone or tablet. This provides flexibility for those who are not in the Apple ecosystem.
  • Apple compatibility: Apple users aren’t left out either. Mevo Plus presents a user-friendly interface with iOS devices, syncing perfectly with your iPhone or iPad.
  • Apple Watch compatibility: Here’s where it gets even more interesting – the Mevo Plus is also compatible with the Apple Watch. This allows for an even more convenient use of the device, giving you the ability to check your swing data right on your wrist.

This wide range of compatibility ensures that no matter what your preferred device is, you can enjoy the full features of the Mevo Plus. Such convenience is truly a game-changer, making the Mevo Plus a versatile and accessible launch monitor for golfers of all tech preferences.

Mevo Plus Value Proposition and Conclusion

So, let’s ponder over the real value of the FlightScope Mevo Plus for golfers of various levels. Is it truly worth the investment? The answer is a resounding yes!

This compact, versatile launch monitor brings a whole new level of precision and insight to your game, whether you’re a seasoned pro, a dedicated amateur, or a complete novice.

It’s packed with user-friendly features that can help you improve your game and enjoy your time on the course even more.

  • Accuracy: The Mevo Plus offers exceptional data accuracy, thanks to its Fusion Tracking technology. This innovative system combines Doppler radar and camera tracking to give you highly accurate measurements on a range of parameters. Whether you’re trying to fine-tune your swing, work on your distance control, or simply want to understand your game better, the Mevo Plus delivers reliable data you can trust.
  • Versatility: With the Mevo Plus, you can practice anywhere, anytime. It’s not only suitable for use on the range or the course but also works exceptionally well for indoor practice sessions. So, no matter what the weather’s doing, or even if you don’t have time to go to the range, you can still work on your game.
  • User-Friendly: One of the standout features of the Mevo Plus is its user-friendly nature. The FS Golf app is intuitive and easy to navigate, with a range of modes for different practice sessions. Plus, it’s compatible with both Android and Apple devices, including the Apple Watch for extra convenience. The setup process is also straightforward, so you can get started in no time.
  • Add-On Features: For those who crave extra information, the Pro Package and Face Impact Detection add-ons provide even more detailed metrics. While these might be a little overwhelming for casual users, they’re a treasure trove of information for serious players or those involved in club fitting and swing analysis.

In conclusion, the FlightScope Mevo Plus is a high-tech, feature-packed launch monitor that offers excellent value for money.

It’s an investment that can truly transform your game, whether you’re a passionate golfer looking to shave a few strokes off your handicap, a golf coach seeking valuable insights into your students’ performance, or a beginner just starting out on your golfing journey.

With its accuracy, versatility, and user-friendly nature, the Mevo Plus is a winner all round.

Skytrak+ vs FlightScope Comparison and Verdict

When it comes to performance, both the SkyTrak Plus and FlightScope Mevo Plus are top-tier choices in launch monitors.

Yet, they display distinct strengths and differences. The SkyTrak Plus, with its upgraded dual Doppler radar system, boasts an impressive 40% increase in accuracy over its predecessor.

It’s particularly precise in capturing ball speed and launch angle data. On the other hand, the FlightScope Mevo Plus, with its Fusion Tracking technology, offers a combination of Doppler radar and camera tracking, which significantly enhances accuracy.

Both devices perform well outdoors, but ST+ has the edge in direct sunlight conditions.

  • SkyTrak Plus: Excellent accuracy with impressive ball speed and launch angle data precision.
  • FlightScope Mevo Plus: Combines Doppler radar and camera tracking for accurate data.

As for software and modes, both monitors offer a variety of tools for golfers to hone their skills.
The SkyTrak app provides Practice, Challenge, and Game Improvement modes, along with a Shot Optimizer and Shot Score feature for data analysis and performance tracking. Additionally, it supports third-party simulation solutions like E6 CONNECT and WGT Golf.

The FS Golf app for FlightScope Mevo Plus is user-friendly and diverse, with Full Swing, Swing Training, Chipping, and Putting Sessions. It also supports third-party simulator options and has the bonus of compatibility with the Apple Watch.

While both monitors deliver comprehensive features and modes, your choice might hinge on your specific practice needs and tech preferences.

On the pricing front, the SkyTrak Plus unit is priced at $2995 with three software plans available, whilst the 2023 FlightScope Mevo Plus is priced slightly lower at $2,199.

Both devices offer additional costs for third-party simulation software, with Mevo Plus also offering Pro Package and Face Impact Detection add-ons.

SkyTrak PlusFlightScope Mevo Plus

When considering value, it’s crucial to consider your golfer profile. The SkyTrak Plus, with its extraordinary accuracy and enhanced outdoor performance, might be more suited for serious golfers looking to significantly improve their game.

Meanwhile, the FlightScope Mevo Plus, with its user-friendly interface and versatile features, might be a better fit for a range of golfers, including casual players and those seeking detailed metrics for club fitting and swing analysis.

Ultimately the ‘value’ is subjective and depends on your golfing goals and budget.

In conclusion, both the SkyTrak Plus and FlightScope Mevo Plus are exceptional launch monitors, each with their distinct strengths.

The ST+ stands out with its improved accuracy and outdoor performance, while the Mevo Plus shines with its user-friendly interface and versatile features.

As for the final verdict, if you’re a serious golfer looking for a launch monitor with superior accuracy and outdoor performance, the SkyTrak Plus might be your best bet.

But if you value a user-friendly interface, versatility, and slightly lower price point, then the FlightScope Mevo Plus could be the perfect fit for you.

Comparison with Other Options

When it comes to choosing a golf launch monitor, the market offers myriad options, each with its unique selling points.

Affordable options such as the Rapsodo MLM 2 Pro, Swing Caddie SC400, and Garmin R10 all offer enticing features under $1,000.

However, if you’re serious about elevating your game and demand professional-grade capabilities, then SkyTrak Plus and FlightScope Mevo Plus stand out from the crowd and might just be worth the extra investment.

But what sets these two apart from the rest? 

SkyTrak Plus

  • Provides professional-grade accuracy with its dual Doppler radar system and improved photometric camera system.
  • Boasts an upgraded software, faster processor, and enhanced Wi-Fi connectivity for seamless performance.
  • It doesn’t require any special balls or club stickers for club data, making it a hassle-free option.
  • The added bonus of outdoor performance in bright conditions and a larger hitting area (about 40% larger) is a definite plus.

FlightScope Mevo Plus

  • Offers an excellent blend of professional features without breaking the bank.
  • Comes with the Fusion Tracking technology, a combination of Doppler radar and camera tracking, which bolsters accuracy.
  • The Mevo+ works with both Android and Apple devices, and it is compatible with the Apple Watch for convenient use.
  • Additional features like the Pro Package and Face Impact Detection add-ons offer in-depth metrics for club fitting and swing analysis.

Both the SkyTrak Plus and FlightScope Mevo Plus are sophisticated devices that are sure to take your golf game to the next level. But is it worth spending significantly more on these compared to the alternatives?

The answer ultimately depends on your individual needs as a golfer. If you are a professional or a serious enthusiast who values detailed metrics and superior accuracy, then the SkyTrak Plus and Mevo Plus offer excellent value for the additional cost.

However, for the casual golfer or those on a tight budget, the more affordable alternatives like the Rapsodo MLM 2 Pro, Swing Caddie SC400, and Garmin R10, may suffice.


As we reach the end of our detailed comparison, let’s pull together all the threads. Both the SkyTrak Plus and 2023 FlightScope Mevo Plus have their respective set of strengths, and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. It depends heavily on your personal needs, preferences, and budget.

Final Verdict SkyTrak Plus

An upgraded version of a widely trusted and praised launch monitor, SkyTrak Plus has made several notable advancements. With its faster processor, dual Doppler radar, enhanced Wi-Fi connectivity, and improved outdoor performance, it offers a comprehensive and accurate golfing experience. Its variety of modes and challenges, PGA pro tutorials, and third-party simulation solutions add to its value. Priced at $2995, it is a competitive option in the launch monitor market.

Final Verdict Mevo Plus

A professional-grade launch monitor with an accessible price point, the 2023 FlightScope Mevo Plus brings in a slew of improvements over its predecessor.

Its physical design changes, Fusion Tracking technology, user-friendly FS Golf app, and compatibility with various third-party simulators make it a versatile and comprehensive tool.

The Pro Package and Face Impact Detection add-ons offer even more detailed metrics, although they may not be necessary for everyone. At $2,199, it offers a great balance between advanced features and affordability.

As a final thought, it’s crucial to consider the specifics of what you’re looking for in a launch monitor. Are you aiming for professional-grade features?

Or perhaps you’re looking for a tool that offers a balance of affordability and advanced capabilities? Perhaps you’re prioritizing outdoor use, or maybe you’re seeking an all-around training tool with a variety of modes and challenges.

Both the SkyTrak Plus and the 2023 FlightScope Mevo Plus have their strong points, and it’s about finding the one that aligns with your needs, preferences, and budget.

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Niels Hammer
Niels Hammer

I'm a passionate golfer, having been playing the sport for the past 4 years. I'm absolutely in love with it, and recently discovered golf simulator technology, which has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me. My mission is to help other golfers find the right golf simulator that fits their budget. Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned pro, I'm here to help you get to the top of your game!

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