Driving Success: The Story of Le Golf Indoor Bali's Journey from Personal Hobby to Flourishing Golf Simulator Business

A Passion for Golf Sparks an Idea

The owner of Le Golf Indoor Bali began with a simple desire to improve his golf skills and share his love for the game with others. 

After visiting a golf simulator in Bali called Smash Factor, he was inspired to create his own golf simulator space for personal use and to invite friends to play.

The idea quickly evolved into a commercial venture, with plans to expand to more bays and possibly relocate to a larger facility.

From Concept to Reality

Turning the golf simulator concept into reality took about two months, as it was initially a side project. 

The owner saw an opportunity to make the business profitable by opening it to the public and recouping the investment cost.

Overcoming Initial Challenges

The most significant challenge faced by the owner was attracting customers during the early stages of the business, particularly given the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite the difficulties, the owner persevered and successfully created a fully booked golf simulator business.

Research and Planning

Before launching the business, the owner conducted market research by analyzing competitors and carefully selecting a suitable location. 

He sought a location that was not too close to a golf course and would cater to those living further away. The facility's proximity to the owner's home allowed for convenient access and practice.

Services and Revenue Streams

Le Golf Indoor Bali offers golf simulator rentals by the hour and provides golf lessons. Golf clubs are also available for customers to use free of charge.

Location, Location, Location

The owner chose the business's location based on convenience for personal use, distance from golf courses, and accessibility for customers with cars.

Marketing and Attracting Customers

The owner primarily utilizes social media and Google My Business as key marketing channels.

By incorporating the term "golf" within the business name, he aims to draw in potential customers through effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategies.

Recently, Le Golf Indoor Bali has been included in our Golf Simulator directory, further expanding their online presence.

Competitive Edge

Despite having only one bay, Le Golf Indoor Bali maintains a competitive edge by ensuring excellent customer service, a clean environment, and well-maintained equipment.

Technology and Equipment

The owner emphasizes the importance of good maintenance and customer support for the golf software. 

Bookings are currently managed through WhatsApp, Facebook, and Google Calendar, but the owner plans to implement a booking system if more bays are added.

Catering to a Diverse Customer Base

Le Golf Indoor Bali attracts customers of all ages, genders, and skill levels, from young teenagers to senior citizens, and from beginners to professional golfers on holiday or Indonesian PGA members.


Each entrepreneurial adventure brings its unique set of hurdles, and the indoor golf simulator business is no different.

In this segment, we explore the particular obstacles that the founder Le Golf Indoor Bali encountered during the establishment
of his enterprise.

Gaining insight into these challenges will assist aspiring entrepreneurs in foreseeing potential problems and equipping themselves to handle them effectively as they embark on their own ventures within this sector.

Challenge 1. Attracting Customers in the Initial Phase

In the beginning, the owner of Le Golf Indoor Bali faced difficulties attracting customers to their indoor golf simulator business. 

The challenge was compounded by the COVID-19 pandemic, which created an uncertain environment for many businesses.

Challenge 2. Adapting to the COVID-19 Pandemic

The pandemic brought a unique set of challenges to businesses worldwide, including Le Golf Indoor Bali. 

Maintaining a clean environment and adhering to government policies were essential to keep customers safe and ensure the business's survival.

Challenge 3. Ensuring a High-Quality Customer Experience

Delivering a top-notch customer experience is essential for any business's success. 

The owner of Le Golf Indoor Bali needed to make sure that everything was functioning correctly and that customers received great support for the golf software.

Solution Process 

The secret to surmounting hurdles in any enterprise is discovering innovative and efficient resolutions.

In this section, we will examine the tactics that the founder of Le Golf Indoor Bali utilized to tackle the difficulties he faced.

By drawing lessons from their experiences and embracing these remedies, aspiring entrepreneurs can establish a robust groundwork for their indoor golf simulator ventures and pave the way for triumph.

Solution 1. Leveraging Social Media and Online Presence

The owner turned to social media and focused on establishing a strong online presence to attract customers. 

By creating an engaging and informative Google My Business listing, the owner made it easier for potential customers to find their business. 

Additionally, he kept the name of the business relevant to golf, which helped further attract the target audience.

Solution 2. Implementing Strict Sanitation Measures

The owner made sure to provide a clean and safe environment for their customers. 

They regularly disinfected the facility, required masks to be worn when mandated, and adhered to all government guidelines. 

These measures helped customers feel secure and comfortable while using the golf simulator.

Solution 3. Focusing on Maintenance and Customer Support

To maintain a high-quality customer experience, the owner emphasized regular maintenance of the facility and equipment, as well as providing excellent customer support for the golf software.

By ensuring that everything was in perfect working order and addressing any issues or questions that arose, the owner was able to create an enjoyable and memorable experience for golfers at his facility.

Pricing Strategy

The owner set pricing by examining competitor rates and considering what he would be willing to pay for similar services.

Adapting to the COVID-19 Pandemic

To ensure customer safety during the pandemic, the owner implemented extra cleaning measures, required masks, and adhered to government guidelines.

Staffing and Hiring

The owner prefers to hire staff through personal recommendations and utilizes a one-month trial period. The business employs two staff members and collaborates with two freelance golf coaches.

Valuable Lessons Learned

The owner has learned the importance of creating a smooth golfing experience, building relationships with golfers, and providing an ideal environment for customers to get the most out of their sessions.

Staying Informed on Simulator Technology

The owner uses TGC 2019 and QED Refine software in his golf simulator setup and keeps up-to-date with industry developments by following forums and websites related to golf simulators.

Customer Feedback and Business Strategies

Customer questions and feedback play an essential role in shaping the owner's understanding of the software and helping him stay current on its capabilities.

Supplier and Vendor Relationships

The owner maintains a relationship with the official reseller of Uneekor QED, primarily for purchasing marked balls for the Uneekor QED launch monitor.

Partnerships and Collaborations

Currently, the business has no partnerships or collaborations but may explore these opportunities in the future, particularly when considering expansion or relocation.

Advice for Aspiring Indoor Golf Simulator Business Owners

The owner's advice to those looking to start their own indoor golf simulator business is to take action and learn along the way.

Long-term Goals and Expansion Plans

The owner's long-term goals include expanding the business, organizing tournaments, and possibly franchising in the future.

Industry Trends and Emerging Technologies

The owner believes that more accurate and higher-detailed courses, improved graphics, and more immersive experiences using cameras will significantly impact the future of indoor golf simulators. 

He is skeptical about the potential of virtual reality in golf simulators unless the technology becomes lighter and more comfortable to wear.

Financial Management and Profitability

The owner did not provide specific details on their approach to financial management and ensuring profitability.

Memorable Experiences and Success Stories

The owner takes pride in witnessing the happiness of customers after they complete their golf rounds.

Key Factors Contributing Success

The success of Le Golf Indoor Bali can be attributed to its strategic location, comfortable atmosphere, high-quality equipment, and friendly staff.


The story of Le Golf Indoor Bali is a testament to the power of passion and perseverance.

By transforming a personal hobby into a thriving business, the owner has created a welcoming space for golfers of all levels to hone their skills and enjoy the game. 

As Le Golf Indoor Bali continues to grow and evolve, it serves as an inspiring example for aspiring entrepreneurs in the indoor golf simulator industry.

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