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SkyTrak gained significant attention upon its entry into the market in 2015. This was largely due to the significant investment in advertising. However, the primary reason for its success is its ability to provide highly precise swing and ball data that rivals high-end commercial systems, which can cost over $9000. Even so, For a lot less money, you can get a SkyTrak.

For those who own or are considering purchasing a SkyTrak, it is natural to wonder which studio packages are compatible with it. These packages may include impact screens, projectors, enclosures, golf mats, golf nets, landing pad turf, and more.

If you are seeking answers to this question, you have found to the best place. This article will assess and compare the top choices for the best complete skytrak golf simulator package.

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SkyTrak SIG10 Simulator Package: The Best Quality, Affordable and High-Performing Full-Screen Simulator Package for Golfers

Sig10 Golf Simulator Package 2023

If you seek a top-notch golf simulator bundle that is cost-effective, the SkyTrak SIG10 Simulator Package offered by The Indoor Golf Shop is a splendid choice. In this appraisal, we will scrutinize what sets this package apart from other analogous options, and why we deem it to be one of the preeminent alternatives regarding value, execution, and affordability.

What’s included in this SkyTrak SIG10 simulator bundle?

The SkyTrak SIG10 Simulator Package constitutes a full-screen simulator that comprises the ensuing constituents:

  • Launch Monitor (SkyTrak)
  • Landing pad
  • Side netting
  • Superlative SIG10 simulator enclosure and screen
  • Your preferred golf mat (5 x 5, 4 x 7, 4 x 10 feet) or complete flooring
  • Short Throw HD 1080p projector
  • Overhead projector support

What Makes the SkyTrak SIG10 Simulator Package Stand Out?

There are several features that make the SkyTrak SIG10 Simulator Package stand out from other comparable options. Here are some of the key selling points:

  1. Landing Pad Turf

Unlike other comparable SkyTrak setups, the SIG10 includes landing pad turf, which is an important component for protecting your golf clubs and ensuring the longevity of the system.

  1. Free Bonus Subscription to Golf Magazine

As of this writing, the SIG10 bundle includes a complimentary one-year subscription to Golf Magazine.

  1. Play and Improve Plan

With a membership to SkyTrak’s Play and Improve Plan, this package distinguishes itself from the competition.
Access to 12 of the best golf courses in the world is included in SkyTrak’s premium subscription, compliments of the World Golf Tour.

  1. Hitting Mat Choices

You have the choice of a hitting mat (5’x5′, 4’x7′, 4’x10′, or full flooring) depending on your preference and space available.

  1. SIG10 Simulator Flooring (optional)

Those with a larger budget and more space can opt for the SIG10 Premium Flooring, a comprehensive floor option that includes a hitting mat accompanied by a green for putting. Although effective, this system comes at a hefty price tag.

The SIG10 simulator’s screen and case are hand-made in the United States, guaranteeing the highest quality and durability.

  1. Space Recommendations

The recommended room dimensions for this simulator package are 9 feet high x 12 feet wide x 18 feet deep, which provides ample space to swing your driver without any obstructions.

Why We Love the SkyTrak SIG10 Simulator Package

We highly recommend the SkyTrak SIG10 Simulator Package for those who want to take their golf game to the next level.

The package offers a great balance between quality, affordability, and performance, making it an excellent option for those who want the best value for their money.

Additionally, the landing pad turf, free bonus subscription to Golf Magazine, and high-quality hitting mats and enclosure make this package a great choice when put next to alternatives in the same price range.

Overall, if you are looking for a reliable and high-performing home golf simulator package, the SkyTrak SIG10 Simulator Package is an excellent choice.

Learn more about what you’ll receive and how to get started with your new purchase by checking out the manufacturer’s website by clicking the button below.

SkyTrak Practice Package: Affordable and Portable Simulator Setup for Your Golf Needs

SkyTrak Practice Golf Simulator Package

Want to boost your golf game and save money at the same time? Think about the Rain or Shine Golf SkyTrak Practice package.

With this setup, you can get the benefits of a home golf simulator without the expensive screen or projector. Plus, it’s highly portable and versatile, allowing you to set it up anywhere you want.

Versatile and Portable Simulator Setup

The SkyTrak Practice package comes with the GoSports or Premium Rukket Sports hitting net. Both options are inexpensive and last a long time, so they are a great value.

Furthermore, they are portable, allowing you to setup your simulator in any location you see fit.—garage, shed, basement, outdoors, in your garden, or anywhere else.

Outstanding Performance and Durability

We evaluated this net and found that, for how cheap it is, it worked well and lasted a long time. You can hit shots up to 225 miles per hour with the GoSports hitting net, while the Rukket Sports net comes with a hanging hitting aim and is more affordable.

This SkyTrak Training bundle comprises:

  • SkyTrak Launch Monitor
  • Option to choose between GoSports Net or Rukket Sports Premium Net
  • Protective covering for SkyTrak
  • Option to choose between SwingTurf mat in either 5 x 4 or 9 x 4 feet dimensions
  • Optional landing pad
  • Optional gaming laptop that is tailored for golf simulator software
  • Additional accessories like a ball tray and laptop stand are also included

Rain or Shine Golf created the SwingTurf striking mat (5′ x 4′) to simulate the forgiveness and feel of a real fairway. If you’d like, you may also have a SwingTurf mat that’s 9 feet by 4 feet.

Easy Setup and Excellent Customer Support

The SkyTrak Practice package needs a space that is at least 8.5 feet high, 8.5 feet wide, and 10 feet deep.

Setting up is a breeze and you can contact customer service at any time for support. Also, golfers who want to try golf simulation but don’t want to spend a lot of money love this package.


This SkyTrak package by Rain or Shine Golf is an excellent product for anyone who want to improve their game and enjoy the benefits of a home golf simulator without spending a fortune.

With its affordable price, portability, and excellent performance, it’s an amazing investment for any golfer looking to take their game to the next level. Contact Rain or Shine Golf today to learn more about this incredible package.

With the SkyTrak PerfectBay Simulator Package, you can set up a Golf Simulator for less than $5,000.

If you’re looking for an affordable way to enjoy a golf simulator in the comfort of your home, the SkyTrak PerfectBay Simulator package is an excellent option.

This package, made by Top Shelf Golf, a reliable online store for golf gear, gives you a realistic and immersive golf experience at a price you can afford.

What’s Included in the SkyTrak PerfectBay Simulator Package?

The launch SkyTrak Launch Monitor is an accurate and reliable piece of golf technology that comes with the PerfectBay Simulator bundle. The package also comes with the following extras:

  • Side barrier netting
  • The Net Return Pro hitting mat
  • Engaging virtual driving range software
  • A PerfectBay Golf Simulator Enclosure

The PerfectBay Golf Simulator Enclosure is manufactured in the U.S. is 5 ft deep and is equipped with a robust, three-fold impact screen that can withstand ball speeds up to 250 mph. The screen doesn’t droop and is optimized for 4 by 3 projection, and it mitigates sound, which amplifies the overall experience.

Optional Upgrades Available

If you’re keen to elevate your golf simulator experience to the next level, the SkyTrak PerfectBay Simulator bundle offers various optional upgrades. Here are some of the available enhancements:

  • A larger PerfectBay PLUS enclosure or a wider PerfectBay WIDE enclosure
  • An upgraded SkyTrak software plan
  • Fiberbuilt hitting mat as an alternative to the Pro Turf mat
  • An Optoma projector that provides a brighter and more intricate display
  • An enclosure floor mount or ceiling mount for the projector
  • With a wide array of upgrade options, you can personalize the bundle to fit your budget and preferences. The only
  • prerequisite is a minimum space of 12 feet wide, 9 feet high, and 16 feet deep.

Trusted Vendor with Happy Customers

Top Shelf Golf has a long history of providing great customer service and high-quality products, and many of its customers are happy with the service and products. The company’s website has a lot of information about every part of the SkyTrak PerfectBay Simulator package, so you can make a decision after getting all the facts.


In conclusion, the PerfectBay Simulator for SkyTrak offers an affordable way to enjoy a high-quality golf simulator experience.

With its accuracy, durability, and a wide range of upgrade options, this package is perfect for golfers looking to improve their game or have fun with friends and family.

Check out Top Shelf Golf’s website for more information about this amazing SkyTrak PerfectBay Simulator package and other golf equipment options.

SkyTrak SIG8 Simulator Package: Perfect for a Compact Simulator Studio

If you want to make the most of the space in your simulator studio, you might want to check out The Indoor Golf Shop’s SkyTrak SIG8 simulator package.

This package is perfect for people who don’t have much space but still want to try out the high-quality SkyTrak simulator.

What Makes the SIG8 Bundle Different?

The SIG8 bundle differs from the SIG10 bundle in two key aspects despite their similarities. With a width of only 8.2 feet instead of 10 feet, the 4′ x 10′ hitting pad is no longer an available addition to the enclosure.

The SIG8 package is about 7% cheaper than the SIG10 because of this small difference, and the enclosure is still big enough for most people to enjoy a premium golf simulator experience.

What does the SIG8 package come with?

The SIG8 package comes with a high-end simulator screen and case made in the United States, as well as the SkyTrak Launch Monitor. It also comes with an 1080p HD projector, landing pad, a projector mount for the ceiling, side netting, and the SkyTrak protective case.

You can choose between a 5’x5′, a 4’x7′, or a full-floor hitting mat, depending on your preference. At the time this was written, it came with a year’s worth of Golf Magazine and the SkyTrak Play & Improve Plan for WGT play.

What About the Optional SIG8 Simulator Flooring?

The SIG8 Simulator Flooring is a complete option for the floor of the SIG8 enclosure. It is sold as an extra. With a hitting patch and putting green, you’ll have a great place to set up your SkyTrak simulator. It’s not included in the deal, and it’s very expensive.

What are the Recommended Space Dimensions for the SIG8 Package?

To optimize your SkyTrak simulator experience, it is recommended that you have a space dimension of 9 feet high x 10 feet wide x 16 feet deep.

Customers’ Feedback on the SIG8 Package

Many customers love that the SIG8 package is small. But some customers think the hitting mats that come with the package aren’t good enough and want to upgrade. Overall, the SIG8 package is a great option for people who want a small but powerful simulator setup.

SkyTrak Retractable Simulator Package: Your Golf Simulator Room’s Ultimate Convenience

If you are looking for a golf simulator that you can set up and take down with ease, the SkyTrak Retractable Simulator Package is the perfect solution.

SkyTrak and Rain or Shine Golf, a trusted dealer of golf simulator hardware, worked together to make this package.

Maximize Your Space with the Retractable Screen

The standout feature of this package is the HomeCourse ProScreen 180 Retractable Screen, which can be easily and quickly retracted to free up space in your room.

This screen is ideal for those who want to use their simulator room for purposes other than golf. It only takes a few clicks to repurpose your room and bring it back it to its original state as needed.

All-In-One Package for Your Golfing Needs

In addition to the practicality of the retractable screen, the SkyTrak Retractable Simulator Package provides everything essential to boost your golfing experience.

This package includes the SkyTrak Launch Monitor along with its protective case and Game Improvement Software, which is a step up from the base version. Additionally, it is accompanied by the HomeCourseWall Mount & Ceiling Kits, an Optoma 1080p HD Projector, and a SwingTurf mat in either 5’x4′ or 9’x4′.

Customers can also choose between a ceiling or floor projector mount based on their preferences. Other accessories included in the package include a ball tray and BirTees.

The HomeCourse ProScreen 180: Strong and Versatile

The ProScreen 180 by HomeCourse  has been upgraded with ballistic side walls, ensuring that it can withstand impact and last longer.

The screen’s projectable area expands to an ultra-wide 16:9 aspect ratio when the Pro Arms are extended, making it more versatile than comparable screens.

Easy Setup and Painless Takedown

Customers like that the package is simple to set up and take down. The screen retracts wirelessly, and the motor is powered by a lithium battery battery which lasts for months.

A wireless remote control is included to control the motor. It is recommended that you mount the screen to the wall if your ceiling is higher than nine feet.

Room Requirements

The SkyTrak Retractable Simulator Package requires a minimum room dimension of 9 feet high x 11 feet wide x 12 feet deep.


If you value the flexibility of being able to repurpose your simulator room, the SkyTrak Retractable Simulator Package is an excellent choice.

With the HomeCourse ProScreen 180 Retractable Screen and all the necessary equipment included, you will have everything you need to improve your golf game and have fun with family and friends, regardless of the weather outside.

Setup and takedown are hassle-free, and customers appreciate the fast shipping. For more information on the package, please visit the product page.

SkyTrak SwingBay Simulator: A Game-Changing Simulator Package

Are you looking for a full-priced home simulator setup that is easy to set up and packed with features?

Rain or Shine Golf’s most popular product is the SwingBay simulator for SkyTrak. Customers who have bought this simulator have given it high marks, and it stands out from other options on the market.

Key Differences

Even though the SIG10 setup looks the same, the SkyTrak SwingBay is different in several important ways. This package comes with an  EH200ST Optoma projector that has a floor enclosure, a powerful golf simulator laptop, a notebook stand, and a few other things. It also has the Game Improvement Plan, which is a big upgrade over the starter plan.

Easy to Install

Figuring out the best way to set up a golf simulator is one of the hardest parts of owning one. The SkyTrak SwingBay package was made with this in mind. It includes a simple-to-assemble enclosure and screen made by Rain or Shine Golf.

The package includes a ball tray, BirTees, side netting,  landing pad, and a SwingTurf mat (5×5 or 4×9 feet).

Game Improvement Plan

SkyTrak Game Enhancement Plan, a vast improvement over the free basic plan, is included in the bundle for a full year. This plan offers a variety of features to help golfers improve their game, such as bag mapping, skills assessment, and challenges.

Flexible Options

Rain or Shine Golf offers a range of customizable options for the SwingBay package, including your choice of a SwingTurf hitting mat, projector mount (floor or ceiling), and optional gaming laptop.

This flexibility allows you to tailor the package to your specific needs and preferences.

Room Requirements

For the SkyTrak SwingBay simulator package, you need a room that is at least 9 feet tall, 12 feet wide, and 16 feet deep. This may seem like a lot of space, but the package is made to be easy to set up and use.

Customer Support

Rain or Shine Golf’s great customer service is one of the best things about the SkyTrak SwingBay package. Customers like how fast and simple it is to set up, even if they don’t know much about golf simulators.


The SkyTrak SwingBay simulator package offers an easy-to-install, customizable, and feature-packed option for those looking to invest in a high-quality golf simulator.

With a 1-year subscription to the SkyTrak Game Improvement Plan and exceptional customer support, it’s no wonder this package has received such high praise from satisfied customers.

For additional information on the bundle, including what is in it, what’s not, what customers are saying, and how they send it, head over to the Rain or Shine Golf website.

SkyTrak Simulator Buying Guide: Choosing the Best Package for Your Needs

Investing in a high-quality SkyTrak simulator bundle can help you improve your golf game. With so many options, it’s critical to consider your needs, preferences, and budget before making a final decision.

In this guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know to make an informed decision about which SkyTrak simulator bundle is right for you.


Size is an important consideration when selecting a golf simulator package. You must have a correct understanding of the available space to accommodate your SkyTrak setup. Take careful note of each simulator’s minimum recommended width, length, and height.

A full golf simulator setup should be 9 x 12 x 16 feet in size, but smaller solutions are available. This resource features a variety of SkyTrak simulator installations ranging in size from compact to expansive.


You might find it useful to have a unit that can be moved to different places. If so, you should think about how simple it is to take apart and move your simulator setup.

Will the simulator stay in one place for good? Do you wish to bring your simulator to a park or somewhere else outside? You might want to bring your simulator with you when you go out of town.

With SkyTrak, the launch monitor can be moved wherever you want. This makes SkyTrak golf simulators highly portable.

You might want to think about portable solutions like the Retractable package or the Practice Package that we’ve already talked about. Also, you can buy the standalone SkyTrak Launch monitor for a reasonable price.

Golf Net Vs. Impact Screen

You usually have two options with SkyTrak simulators: you can hit into a net and look at your shot statistics and see where the ball went on your tablet or computer, or you can project your shots onto a life-size impact screen.

Screen and projector installations that cost more give a full-size experience with direct to screen output, which is important to some golfers.

If you want to get the most out of your golf simulator and make it feel as real as possible, you need a screen and projector system. You don’t need an impact projector screen if all you want to see are your shot statistics and where the ball went. Your stats can be seen on a computer or a tablet.

Golf Simulator Software

When choosing a golf simulator, consider the games and other pursuits you’d like to partake in. The abundance of programs that are available on the SkyTrak is one of its benefits.

It might be the launch monitor that can work with the most programs. You can join at three different levels: the Basic Plan, the Game-Improvement Plan, and the Play & Improve Plan.

Most SkyTrak simulator packs include a free 1 year access to the Game Improvement Plan.

In order to add complementing third-party solutions to its platform, SkyTrak has also collaborated with top golf simulator software companies. Some of the available alternatives right now are Golfisimo, ProTee Play, Creative Golf, WGT Golf, TGC2019, and E6.


When looking for a golf simulator, think carefully about how much money you can spend. SkyTrak sells simulator packages for a lot less than $10,000, but not everyone can afford them.

In terms of both hardware and software, it is generally true that you get what you pay for.
We’ve done our best to incorporate reasonably priced, high-quality SkyTrak simulators in this shopping advice.

The good news is that the money that is needed to buy a simulator can be saved up slowly. With their flexible financing options, you can pay for our SkyTrak golf simulator over a 1 year or more.

Conclusion: Choosing the Best SkyTrak Simulator Package for You

The best experience is to hit real golf balls into a net or impact projector screen, but the SkyTrak Launch Monitor is also a good stand-alone choice.

There are so many different SkyTrak indoor golf simulator packages to choose from that it can be hard to find the right one. But if you think about size, portability, net vs. screen, software, and budget, you can narrow down your choices and find the best package for your needs.

You have access to every piece of data necessary for making an informed decision. While no single SkyTrak simulator configuration can promise to cover every base, the vast majority of them will get quite close.

If you want to learn more about how different golf simulators work, you should definitely read reviews written by both golf fans and experts in the field. That will be of great assistance to you as you make your choice.

If you get the right SkyTrak simulator package, you can play golf all year long, whether it’s raining or not. No matter how good you are at golf, a SkyTrak simulator can help you get better and have fun at the same time. So, take the time to do your research, pick the right package for you, and get ready to take your golf game to the next level.

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